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On the Road to 1 Million Trees: VMware’s Journey to Net Zero and You

Nicola Acutt
Planting Tree per VMworld 2021 Attendee

VMworld was a huge success due to the participation of all of you: our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. As the leader of VMware’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Office, I am especially proud of all those who participated in the Inspire Change track, which included sessions to deepen understanding of the connection between digital transformation, technology, and business imperatives of sustainability, equity and trust. Together, we learned new skills and ways of thinking to build our careers; how to be an ally for diversity, equity and inclusion; and how to be a change agent for a better planet.

Whether you had the opportunity to take part in the Inspire Change sessions or not, each participant at VMworld made a tangible contribution to VMware’s environmental sustainability efforts as we planted trees in honor of our attendees. Trees are a nature-based solution to climate change and part of our journey to net zero emissions, which includes a goal to plant and protect 1 million trees by 2030. Conserving, restoring and growing trees around the world helps clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and complement emissions reduction efforts to reverse climate change. 

For this year’s VMworld, we planted 80,000 trees to thank our attendees! 

We partnered with 1t.org to support our tree planting initiatives, part of the World Economic Forum’s work to accelerate nature-based solutions in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

VMworld joins 1t.org

VMware’s Journey to Net Zero

Nature-based solutions are an important part of VMware’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions for our operations and supply chain by 2030. As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, our net zero goal builds on approved science-based targets and expands the scope of our climate commitments.

In addition to implementing nature-based solutions to achieve net zero, we also participate in renewable energy initiatives like the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and RE100, a global collaborative representing businesses committed to using 100% renewable electricity. VMware is proud to be a Certified CarbonNeutral® Company since 2018, and we are excited to announce signing The Climate Pledge to further our net zero progress alongside companies around the world and across industries.

VMWorld joins Climate Pledge

The ability to drive and inspire change is paramount to my role leading ESG at VMware. However, ESG is a team sport, and we are only as successful as the people that participate in these sustainability efforts. My personal gratitude to everyone who attended VMworld and to the trees that will grow in your honor.