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VMware Signs Energy Buyer Federal Clean Energy Policy Statement

VMware Staff

Sustainability is a company priority here at VMware. Last year, we doubled down on our sustainability commitments and announced our 2030 Agenda, a decade-long business initiative to address critical challenges facing the global community—one of which is climate change. That’s why we’re proud to join with 35 other companies as a signatory to the Energy Buyer Federal Clean Energy Policy statement, organized by the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA).

REBA is a member-based organization that represents and advocates on behalf of many of America’s largest corporate energy buyers. The group emphasizes the need for ambitious national policies that modernize the power grid and ensure it is:

  • Resilient.
  • Affordable.
  • Customer-focused.
  • Carbon-free.

“Clean energy presents an unprecedented opportunity to recover after the triple whammy of 2020: pandemic-induced recession, climate calamities and racial reckoning,” said Miranda Ballentine, CEO of REBA. “Policies like those outlined (in our statement) can revitalize the economy, grow high-wage jobs and create the electricity system of the future. As the newly inaugurated Biden administration looks to take immediate steps to rebuild the economy and tackle the climate crisis, these iconic businesses stand ready to work together to make a zero-carbon power vision a reality.”

“The need for policies that modernize the power grid are critical to a fair and equitable transition to a zero-carbon economy," said Nicola Peill-Moelter, director of sustainability innovation at VMware and REBA board member. "VMware is proud to join the businesses calling on the U.S. federal government to prioritize renewable energy.” 

Read the full Energy Buyer Federal Clean Energy Policy statement.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Since our founding, we’ve helped our customers use less hardware more intelligently. Our products significantly reduce IT and data center infrastructure, energy costs and the carbon emissions associated with the digital transformation of businesses. And we aim to go even further.

Our 2030 sustainability goals include:

  • Working with our public cloud partners to achieve zero carbon operations by 2030.
  • Significantly increasing workload carbon efficiency in our customer’s digital operations.
  • Investing in transformative research that inspires the next generation of sustainable digital infrastructure.

Within our own operations, by 2030 we aim to:

  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions for our operations and supply chain.
  • Reduce our carbon emissions by 50% from our 2018 baseline.
  • Engage 75% of suppliers to reduce their emissions by setting science-based targets by 2024.
  • Procure 100% of our power from renewable energy sources.

Dive deeper into VMware’s 2030 Agenda.