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Strong Support for the VMware vCloud™ Initia …

Strong Support for the VMware vCloud™ Initiative at VMworld 2009


"Aptana is pleased to be working with VMware on the vCloud Initiative,” said Paul Colton, chief executive officer, Aptana, Inc.  “The VMware vCloud API and Aptana's next generation Cloud Connect service will enable web application developers unprecedented ease in deploying, managing, and scaling their web applications.  With over 4 million downloads to date of our Aptana Studio web application development tool, Aptana offers a unique opportunity to developers in choosing where they deploy. We are looking forward to supporting an industry-leading platform that will enable Aptana's customers to deploy to both internal or external clouds via a common API."

Azul Systems

“Cloud Computing is fundamentally changing the way customers deploy applications and infrastructure, and VMware’s vCloud™ Initiative is an important step towards realizing the full benefits of the Cloud vision”, said Scott Sellers, president and chief executive officer of Azul Systems.  “With Azul’s partnership with VMware, enterprises and service providers are able to significantly improve the scalability, stability, and visibility of their existing Java™ applications, while simultaneously lowering overall costs and enabling important IT flexibility for both internal and external Cloud deployments.”


“We are excited about the promise of the VMware vCloud™ Express service,” said Pat O’Day, chief technology officer at BlueLock. “It not only offers VMware virtualized pay-as-you-go infrastructure, but more importantly, we view it as a compelling entry point for the enterprise and mid-market to embrace cloud computing.”


"We are eagerly anticipating the release of the VMware vCloud™ Express service and VMware vCloud™  API.  Our customers who already use VMware's vSphere 4 will be able to leverage a hybrid datacenter approach by bridging across on-premise and cloud environments," said Dwight Koop, COO of CohesiveFT. "VMware’s vCloud™ Initiative also brings many more of our hosting provider partners to the cloud computing business model.  We see the vCloud™ Initiative as the bellwether in changing the way people use computing resources around the world."


“CollabNet has been working for some time now with VMware to offer our customers a collaborative lean software development and authoring platform for virtual appliances and enterprise applications”, said Jim Ensell, vice president, business development, CollabNet. “We look forward to working even closer with VMware in the future to extend this platform to provide an integrated on-ramp to private and public clouds. CollabNet’s industry leading ALM Platform for distributed development teams will enable developers to collaboratively build cloud based applications to take advantage of the unparalleled power and flexibility of VMware’s industry-leading virtualization platform and its partner ecosystem. CollabNet brings a rich set of development teams to the vCloud™  Initiative, as we power close to two million community, enterprise, and ISV users today, most of which are either already or contemplating developing lean applications in the cloud.”


“We are delighted to announce our membership of the VMware vCloud Initiative,” said Maggy McClelland, managing director, COLT Managed Services.  “Our ongoing relationship with VMware is key to giving our customers even more confidence in the quality, flexibility and security of our enterprise cloud services.
COLT has already implemented VMware-based virtualization solutions for its customers and sees that its cloud offering is being strengthened by joining the VMware vCloud Initiative.  COLT customers will have more freedom to choose when and how to take advantage of cloud services to drive greater levels of business efficiency, security and performance."

Engine Yard

"As the leading Application Cloud for business-critical Ruby and Rails applications, Engine Yard depends on robust, programmable cloud computing infrastructure on both sides of the firewall," said Abheek Anand, cloud product manager, Engine Yard. "The VMware vCloud™  API represents the first set of comprehensive interfaces that can tie together internal and external clouds, allowing application owners to seamlessly handle capacity challenges and migrations."

“VMware continues to produce consumer-driven offerings that enable and augment internal and external cloud hosting solutions; including our entire portfolio of cloud hosting solutions,” commented Craig McLellan, chief technology officer, “vCloud Express helps fulfill the promises of cloud computing – infrastructure on demand, utility pricing, and unlimited dynamic resources. We are excited to offer vCloud Express through our CloudEnterprise Solution to companies across the globe.”

Melbourne IT

“Melbourne IT is excited to be the first organisation working with VMware in the APAC region to bring VMware vCloud™ Express to market,” said Glenn Gore, chief technology officer, Melbourne IT. “Melbourne IT's vCloud™ Express offering is the first of its kind in this region.  It is an innovative pay-as-you-go Cloud service designed as a test and development environment for a tech-savvy audience. The rapidly provisioned service fits well with our existing suite of on-demand services and is the first in a suite of pay-as-you-go Cloud products on our current product roadmap.” 


Novell is excited to provide support for VMware’s vCloud Initiative and plans to make SUSE Linux Enterprise available to provide the flexibility VMware’s customers and cloud service providers are looking for,” said Susan Heystee, vice president and general manager of Global Alliances at Novell. "Cloud-centric pricing for SUSE Linux Enterprise coupled with a VMware vSphere-based cloud infrastructure will help service providers deliver the scalability and reliability needed to respond to customers' changing business needs. With SUSE Studio, our appliance creation tool, we enable enterprises to build customized SUSE Linux Enterprise-based virtual appliances, which can easily be deployed to internal or external clouds."
“We selected VMware for our new Enterprise Cloud solution, OpSource Cloud, because VMware, already the corporate standard for virtualization, is now emerging as the leader for virtualization in the Cloud,” said Richard Dym, CMO, OpSource. “We applaud both VMware’s efforts to facilitate the ability to move VM from inside the Enterprise to the Cloud and their vision of application portability between Clouds. We share this vision and look forward to working with them to bring the true Cloud to the enterprise.”


“ParAccel is very pleased to be working with VMware on the vCloud™  Initiative,” said David Ehrlich, chief executive officer, ParAccel. “VMware vCloud™  API and the ParAccel Analytic Database will give businesses simple and seamless access to potentially vast quantities of enterprise data, on demand, to enable faster and better-informed business decisions.  We strongly believe that the choice of Internal and External clouds with a common API and an industry-leading platform will have transformational impact on the future of business intelligence and we look forward to bringing innovative products to this market.” 


“We are delighted to be providing RabbitMQ open messaging to support the VMware vCloud™  Initiative, their customers and the growing cloud ecosystem,” Alexis Richardson, CEO, RabbitMQ.  “Customers want choice, and RabbitMQ delivers choice by lowering the cost of scale, and by removing lock-in.  RabbitMQ is the market leading implementation of AMQP, the interoperable open business messaging protocol, and is distributed on most major development platforms. Already businesses are using RabbitMQ to scale up business-critical application functionality on multiple leading public and private cloud infrastructures.  Our support for the VMware vCloud™ Initiative is a natural extension.  RabbitMQ has an open source license making it ideal for elastic deployments, and for integration in platforms such as Spring and Ruby on Rails.” 


“Companies today have many choices for taking advantage of cloud computing, including deploying an internal cloud using their own IT resources, an external cloud on a large public infrastructure or a powerful hybrid of each,” said Michael Crandell, chief executive officer,  RightScale.  “With VMware’s vCloud™  Initiative and vCloud™  Express offering, users can easily deploy both internal and external clouds based on VMware technology and backed by an industry-leading vendor.  We are pleased to support VMware’s vCloud™  Initiative with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform, enabling  users to more easily deploy and manage business-critical applications in the cloud with automation, control portability.”


“rPath and VMware are both committed to providing solutions for capitalizing on cloud, not as the only deployment environment, but as part of a blended combination of internal and external compute resources,” said Jake Sorofman, vice president of marketing at rPath.  “rPath is very supportive of VMware and its vCloud™  Initiative because--like rPath--it enables choice, flexibility and agility, liberating organizations from lock-in and allowing applications to move seamlessly between deployment environments based on policy, performance and economics.”


“As part of the VMware vCloud™  Initiative, Savvis is excited to be deploying a converged data center fabric that will power Savvis’ next generation cloud services platform,” said Bryan Doerr, chief technology officer of Savvis. “With a clear focus on the enterprise, we are evaluating the VMware vCloud™  API and integrating other VMware carrier grade cloud technologies, such as VMware vSphere and VMsafe, to create the industry’s first enterprise-class virtual private data center enabling push button web application hosting.” 


“SpringSource customers are looking to deploy, manage, and scale Spring, Grails, and Java applications within internal and external cloud environments,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management, SpringSource. “By leveraging VMware vSphere™ and VMware’s vCloud™  service provider partners, we are able to deliver an enterprise Java cloud platform that provides the infrastructure choice, deployment flexibility, and enterprise services our customers require.”


"Sybase is pleased to be working with VMware in support of its vCloud™ Initiative,” said Brian Vink, vice president, database products, Sybase. “We are very excited to be an early participant in the vCloud™  ecosystem of partners with Sybase products such as Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Cluster Edition, our shared disk clustered database that enables database virtualization in cloud computing environments. Together, Sybase and VMware will offer customers significant advantages in resource utilization and availability of applications.” 


"Cloud computing offers tremendous promise in terms of flexibility and efficiency for enterprises, but at times these benefits are hard to realize since they often involve extensive application changes and the industry lacks a comprehensive integrated management framework that can provide a consistent interface to operators," said Ari Zilka, co-founder and chief technology officer of Terracotta. "Terracotta supports VMware’s vCloud™  Initiative because it tackles these challenges head on with a common management API across a deep partner ecosystem, works seamlessly with existing application architectures, and provides flexible choices for operation in internal and external clouds - all from the clear leader in data center virtualization."


“TIBCO is pleased to see the direction VMware is taking with its vCloud™ Initiative, offering application compatibility across internal and external cloud environments” said Ram Menon, executive vice president, worldwide marketing, TIBCO. “Using a cloud application delivery platform such as TIBCO Silver in conjunction with the VMware virtualization platform, enterprises will have the capability to deliver governable, scalable and rapidly-deployable applications that span across both private and public clouds.”


“We believe VMware’s vCloud™  Initiative will resonate well with Zend’s PHP users, as they are looking for flexible cloud solutions that can be safely deployed both inside and outside the firewall,” said Andi Gutmans, chief executive officer, Zend Technologies. “In addition, VMware’s approach of enabling users to take advantage of their investment in existing infrastructure and applications is an important consideration that will make it much easier for organizations to integrate cloud computing as part of their IT strategy.”


"With over 20 applications, Zoho has the broadest portfolio of online Productivity, Collaboration and Business Applications,” said Sridhar Vembu, chief executive officer, Zoho Corp.  “Zoho has offered on-site deployment of applications behind their firewall for large enterprises, but runs on specific hardware. With Zoho Apps running on VMware vSphere 4 as the basis for the internal cloud, Zoho applications can run independent of hardware restrictions. If an enterprise has based their internal cloud on VMware vSphere 4, it is now easy to deploy and run Zoho Applications."