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ICYMI Watch “Responsible AI: What Role Should Humans Play?”

As the convergence of generative AI and multi-cloud technologies continues to drive the next wave of business innovation, the need for a responsible approach to AI becomes increasingly important. In this panel discussion live from VMware Explore Las Vegas, speakers will exchange ideas on the ethical principles that should guide the development of AI systems and the role humans should play in shaping this emerging technology.

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Speakers include:

As the Director of Evangelism for the Office of the CTO, Richard Munro focuses on aligning industry trends, technology innovations, and customer business requirements with VMware Products and Solutions. His primary focus areas are AI/ML, Multi-Cloud, and SaaS transformation linking the latest in technological advancements and key learnings with the current needs of businesses and IT organizations. With a strong technical background and prior leadership roles in the private sector and SISO communities, Richard has been central to large scale technology-led transformations of businesses globally. Richard is an advocate for DEI and for visionary pragmatism – driving bold changes in a manner that is best suited to facilitate positive change while minimizing risk and expense.

Data journalist Meredith Broussard is an associate professor at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University, research director at the NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology, and the author of several books, including “More Than a Glitch: Confronting Race, Gender, and Ability Bias in Tech” and “Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World.” Her academic research focuses on artificial intelligence in investigative reporting and ethical AI, with a particular interest in using data analysis for social good. She appeared in the 2020 documentary Coded Bias, an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival that was nominated for an Emmy Award and an NAACP Image Award. She is an affiliate faculty member at the Moore Sloan Data Science Environment at the NYU Center for Data Science, a 2019 Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow, and her work has been supported by New America, the Institute of Museum & Library Services, and the Tow Center at Columbia Journalism School. A former features editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, she has also worked as a software developer at AT&T Bell Labs and the MIT Media Lab. Her features and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Slate, and other outlets.

As the Vice President of VMware AI Labs, Chris Wolf is spearheading the mission to establish VMware as the global go-to provider for secure and efficient AI infrastructure. Chris's focus is not only on boosting VMware's relevance in the current ecosystem but also on creating a long-term differentiation in AI and Generative AI through organic invention and innovation, and robust industry and academic partnerships. Previously, as the Chief Research and Innovation Officer in the VMware Office of the CTO, Chris’s team led trailblazing inventions and innovation initiatives that are in a variety of products today. Prior to VMware, he managed data center and private cloud research agendas as the Research Vice President at Gartner’s Technical Professionals service. A published author, Chris has co-authored books such as "Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise," shedding light on the transformational impact of virtualization technologies.

Karen Silverman is an industry-leading expert in practical governance strategies for AI and other upcoming technologies. As the proud CEO and Founder of The Cantellus Group, she is admired for supporting Fortune 500 companies with how to implement cutting-edge technologies in a rapidly changing policy environment. Alongside her entrepreneurial work, Karen is also a member of the World Economic Forum Global Innovator and Experts Network, and the Global AI Council. With over 20 years of professional experience behind her, Karen has become a leading authority throughout the technology industry and has now become a popular choice for speaking engagements internationally.