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Innovation on Full Display at VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas

Amanda Blevins

The technology landscape has grown exponentially over the last decade. New technologies have appeared and multiplied as industries juggle traditional workloads on premises, modernizing workloads using public cloud services, and protecting from ransomware attacks. What I’ve seen in my experience with customers is technology teams around the globe have taken a step back from extreme growth to focus on streamlining their multi-cloud operations. However, lines of business still expect these teams to enable business innovation without increasing costs. IT will need to quickly learn to innovate with generative AI tools otherwise they will get left behind.

At VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas, VMware introduced a number of new solutions and capabilities that will help IT organizations solve for this complex landscape. The announcement of VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA will add NVIDIA Enterprise AI to the same platform that runs the world’s most important workloads across all industries. Adding the ability to easily provision, fine tune, and run large language models by the same IT teams that manage the rest of the technology landscape is powerful. This will also meet requirements for privacy, better security, and performance for all types of AI/ML workloads.

Our new additions to the VMware Tanzu portfolio will simplify the steps that platform engineers and developers must take to deploy, manage, and run container-based applications while providing additional security to workloads in any cloud environment. Insights across the modern application landscape will allow organizations to quickly reduce cloud costs, secure modern workloads, and meet compliance and privacy requirements for workloads running in any location – public cloud, private cloud, and at the edge.

The introduction of VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator will enable IT to partner with their OT counterparts to run a software-defined edge. IT can provision thousands of sites in a matter of minutes to meet the needs of industries such as manufacturing, telco, retail, healthcare, energy, and more. Fleet management at this scale requires programmability at all layers of the stack – infrastructure, workloads, and security. And VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator does this while providing additional services on top of the robust infrastructure stack to connect and better secure workloads where business happens, and data is created – at the edge.

VMware has announced cloud control planes for network and security to implement policies once and apply them everywhere, increased Ransomware protection and recovery capabilities, and performance enhancements to the core infrastructure stack of VMware Cloud Foundation. These improvements translate into providing the business with a highly performant and secure platform to run traditional applications, modern applications, and AI/ML workloads in the private cloud, in the public cloud, and at the edge.

This is an exciting time in the industry – organizations must become more efficient and stand-up new technology quickly for the business. By reducing costs through operational efficiency and reduction of cloud waste and reducing the cognitive load on their employees who provide these services and manage and secure the environment, technology departments can enable the lines of business to innovate and bring new products and capabilities to market at an unprecedented pace. And VMware is providing the solutions to enable developers, platform engineers, cloud operators, and security analysts to move faster and accomplish more than ever before.