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Peek Behind the Digital Curtain of Our Team’s Favourite App Experience

VMware Staff

Every time you open an app, there’s a world of digital activity happening behind the screen. Join us as physical meets virtual on the journey to see our favourite band live in concert.

Scoring the Hottest Ticket in Town

Your favourite band is finally coming to a city near you. And you’ve been waiting three years for them to start touring again. You know you need to beat thousands of fellow fans to the best seats in the house. The ticket app, ConcertWiz, is already downloaded on your smartphone, and you stare at the home screen, watching the seconds tick by until tickets go on sale. In just a few clicks and a few frenzied minutes, you’ve claimed two tickets third-row centre!

What you might not realise is just how lucky you are that the digital innovations behind the app made it all possible. In fact, ConcertWiz’s IT team even stopped a hacker from stealing your credit card info.

Let’s Tarantino This: 6 Months Earlier

ConcertWiz came through again, and your best friend is pumped that you scored tickets. But most of us don’t think about the folks who make awesome app experiences possible. So, let’s Tarantino this and go back six months to see how the digital wizards at ConcertWiz built their app to make it all possible.

It’s Finally Here!

The day of the concert is here, and you are proudly wearing the band’s circa ~2004 concert t-shirt. But, hey, it’s not only about the concert itself; it’s about making it a day to remember. Digital innovation happens throughout the entire journey: from booking a rideshare to streaming your favourite moment live on social.

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