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Meet 3 Leaders in Multi-Cloud Computing and Innovation

VMware Staff

Multi-cloud computing has and continues to change IT organisations and businesses in a major way. Valentina Alaria, Jaice Singer DuMars and Susan Aoki have watched the transformation unfold on the frontline.

“10 years ago, we were just pioneering SaaS, and today, software as a service and subscription is the predominant way to build, develop, run and even sell software,” said Aoki, vice president and general manager of VMware Skyline and SaaS management products.

They’ve witnessed the impact of multi-cloud on developers, apps and business innovation.

“Leveraging cloud resources gives developers the ability to have tools and resources at their disposal and have those available when and wherever they need them,” said Alaria, senior director of product management.

And they have a good idea of what’s in store for the future of multi-cloud computing.

“We’re very close to a future where people can really focus on application deployments and the value that their developers are creating and do it in such a seamless, painless way, and that’s very exciting,” said Jaice Singer DuMars, senior director of open source software engineering.

In this video, three of VMware’s multi-cloud leaders share their industry insights, their personal passions, their ideal desk view and more. Watch now.