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New Zealand businesses: the most ‘cloud smart’ in the region

New global research from VMware reveals that New Zealand leads the region in terms of multi-cloud maturity, but room for improvement remains.

Auckland, New Zealand – November 22, 2022 – New Zealand is leading the region in multi-cloud maturity, with a higher proportion of local businesses than anywhere else across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) claiming a fully defined multi-cloud strategy, according to new global research from VMware.

With VMware’s research finding that 55% of New Zealand respondents believe their company’s multi-cloud strategy is fully defined, compared to just 32% of respondents in Australia and 38% across APJ, it appears that other countries can learn from New Zealand’s example when it comes to multi-cloud.

In fact, the VMware Multi-Cloud Advantage 2022 research report found that 56% of New Zealand research respondents are from companies whose CEO is or would be a primary decision maker when it comes to a multi-cloud approach. The average across APJ is just 31%.

Given that 82% of respondents from hypergrowth companies across APJ believe their CEO is extremely engaged in the organisation’s cloud use, compared to 48% of medium growth companies, VMware’s research indicates CEO involvement may have much to do with New Zealand’s multi-cloud leadership.

“New Zealand has always punched above its weight when it comes to technology adoption and innovation, so it comes as little surprise that it should lead the region in the multi-cloud stakes,” says Angela Cunneen, Country Manager, New Zealand, VMware. “VMware’s research cements New Zealand’s position as a regional leader with hard data that showcases what local businesses are doing right.

“The research also highlights the opportunity for businesses who are still navigating their multi-cloud journey. Organisations with a mature multi-cloud strategy are claiming benefits such as greater profitability and data security. This reinforces the fact that cloud smart businesses can reach a new level of maturity to truly unlock the potential of multi-cloud,” Cunneen says.

New Zealand still faces challenges to maintaining a multi-cloud lead

Although New Zealand is the clear leader across APJ when it comes to local companies claiming a fully defined multi-cloud strategy, there are still challenges to address to ensure this continuing leadership, such as the ongoing skills shortage, cyber security and culture.

  • 48% of New Zealand respondents say a lack of in-house talent is a challenge to successfully implementing multi-cloud.
  • By comparison, an average of 46% of respondents across APJ say that their organisation does not have the skills to achieve or properly achieve multi-cloud.
  • 42% of New Zealand respondents cite increased cyber security risks as a challenge to a multi-cloud approach.
  • 38% of New Zealand respondents indicate that legacy organisational culture or mindset is a challenge to a multi-cloud approach.

A continued multi-cloud lead means more benefits for New Zealand businesses

New Zealand currently leads the region with its multi-cloud mastery. If the country can maintain this leadership, more local organisations are likely to see the benefits a ‘cloud smart’ multi-cloud approach can deliver, of which data security and profitability are two major drawcards.

  • 96% of New Zealand respondents from private sector organisations say their organisation’s multi-cloud approach has had a positive impact on revenue and profitability in the past year.
  • 54% of New Zealand respondents claim a multi-cloud approach has or could lead to the development of higher-value applications.
  • 55% of New Zealand respondents indicate a multi-cloud approach can enhanced employee flexibility.
  • 54% of New Zealand respondents suggest a multi-cloud approach can increase the security of customer data.

Click here for the complete VMware Multi-Cloud Advantage research report.

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