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Pakistan’s Journey to the Cloud Receives Fresh Impetus with VMware’s New Hybrid Cloud Platform

Pakistan’s Journey to the Cloud Receives Fresh Impetus with VMware’s New Hybrid Cloud Platform

New innovations help organizations migrate, modernize and manage workloads across clouds, data centers, and edge locations with consistent hybrid cloud infrastructure and operations

Karachi, Pakistan (September 18, 2019) – VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a leading innovator in enterprise software, today announced new and expanded cloud offerings that will help customers in Pakistan meet the unique needs of traditional and modern applications. VMware empowers IT operators, developers, desktop administrators, and security professionals with the company’s hybrid cloud platform to build, run, and manage workloads on a consistent infrastructure across their data center, public cloud, or edge infrastructure of choice. With a hybrid cloud platform enabled by VMware, customers can migrate and modernize applications across clouds, data centers, and edge locations, while simplifying cloud planning, deployment, costs and ongoing operations.

Hybrid cloud is the new standard for the enterprise, with nearly two-thirds of cloud buyers globally seeking a cloud model that spans the datacenter, cloud and edge (1). While Pakistani organizations are still nascent in their cloud journeys, IT departments in the country are already turning to hybrid cloud to deliver the optimal environment for all their applications.

With cloud adoption helping drive the Pakistani digital market to hit the PKR 800 million mark (2), hybrid cloud has emerged as the clear answer to unlocking unprecedented opportunities for businesses to leverage nearly infinite resources across the data center, cloud and edge. Businesses can now run workloads where they need to, move workloads seamlessly, tap into resources globally and deliver the capabilities needed for new and existing applications. All this can be done without the cost, effort or risk of refactoring applications. This new de facto architecture for hybrid IT is possible through consistent infrastructure – compute, storage and networking – and consistent operations. 

VMware Cloud can unlock the future of hybrid IT and helps customers meet application needs by delivering the hybrid cloud as a platform. VMware uniquely enables a consistent hybrid cloud platform spanning all major public clouds – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud – and more than 60 VMware Cloud Verified partners worldwide. More than 70 million workloads run on VMware. Of these, 10 million are in the cloud. These are running in more than 10,000 data centers run by VMware Cloud providers.

“Hybrid cloud is giving every organization the power to drive their businesses forward, and the freedom to access incredible innovation for the future,” said Ahsan Rasheed Khan, Country Manager, Pakistan, VMware. “No other vendor spans the hybrid cloud as broadly or as comprehensively as VMware. Our hybrid cloud platform is resonating strongly with customers in Pakistan and beyond, and these innovations will help further accelerate our cloud leadership, as we deliver an unparalleled level of consistent infrastructure and operations, from the data center to the cloud to the edge.”

New innovations will help simplify the way customers manage systems and applications through automation, cost management, compliance, resource governance, security and visibility. New advancements include:

• Self-Driving Operations: These capabilities will enable customers to manage multiple cloud resources and applications with the same software that they use to manage their datacenter. VMware vRealize Operations 8.0 is optimized for the new world of hybrid cloud operations. The latest release will be able to deliver Intent-Driven continuous performance optimization, more efficient capacity management, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance and configuration. VMware vRealize Operations Cloud, a SaaS offering, is now in Tech Preview.

• Hybrid Cloud Automation: VMware vRealize Automation 8.0 will enhance operational agility and developer productivity through a series of new capabilities that will improve ease of use, user experience and multi-cloud readiness, with broad extensibility across VMware Cloud on AWS and all major public clouds, and enhanced ServiceNow, Terraform and Git integrations. 

• Complete Cloud Management Platform: VMware vRealize Suite 2019 software will integrate vRealize Automation 8.0 and vRealize Operations 8.0 to deliver advanced closed loop optimization capabilities that enable continuous performance optimization, simplify IT operations, and lower IT costs. The addition of VMware vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum in vRealize Suite 2019 will enable users to more accurately identify and eliminate legitimate threats in real time, while continuously hardening and protecting workloads.

• Hybrid Cloud Cost and Compliance: CloudHealth is a leading multi-cloud management platform which will enable cost optimization, migration assessment governance and security functionality to VMware hybrid cloud environments. Customers will be able to eliminate wasted cloud spend and enable organizations to accelerate migrations and optimize cloud infrastructure for each workload based on cost/performance.

• Enterprise Observability: Wavefront by VMware delivers integrated, full-stack enterprise observability from application to infrastructure across any cloud, empowering DevOps, Kubernetes and container operations, and development teams to troubleshoot application workloads and get to root cause faster. Wavefront simplifies troubleshooting and reduces incident remediation times through automation triggered by fine-grained alerts. This provides instant insights into the health and performance of Kubernetes, containerized applications and microservices at scale.

VMware Cloud Marketplace, powered by Bitnami: VMware Cloud Marketplace enables customers to discover and deploy validated, third-party solutions for VMware platforms, across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The marketplace is now available for VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Provider Partners. From the entire catalog – which also includes hundreds of open-source solutions packaged by Bitnami – customers can browse, filter and select the specialized tools that are right for them. For vendors, it offers a way to easily publish solutions for VMware customers globally, and for multiple VMware platforms. Currently, VMware Cloud Marketplace meets a variety of common use-case requirements such as back-up and security, through third-party ISV solutions and popular open-source options.

Cloud Migration: VMware HCX is a leading application mobility platform that enables cloud mobility and migration for a variety of on-prem to on-prem, on-prem to cloud, or cloud to on-prem scenarios. Cloud Migration Services, built on VMware HCX, simplifies the complex tasks associated with identifying, planning and migrating workloads to any hybrid cloud. A new Cloud Migration experience is available on VMware Cloud on AWS today through the Cloud Console, and over time other workflows are planned to be available on VMware Cloud on AWS as well as other platforms such as VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. 

• Disaster Recovery as-a-Service and Data Protection: VMware is partnering with Dell EMC across multiple areas to bring customers greater choice in Disaster Recovery as-a-Service and Data Protection solutions. 

• Proactive Support: Skyline automatically and more securely collects, aggregates and analyzes customer-specific product usage data to proactively identify potential issues and improve time-to-resolution. Skyline has added new proactive support enhancements including automated software compatibility checks, automated log bundle upload for Horizon 7.10 and above via Log Assist, and integration with Dell EMC Support Assist, enabling a richer proactive support experience for customers running VMware and Dell. VMware Skyline is included with customer’s Production and Premier Support subscriptions. Premier Support customers will have access to advanced reporting features and remediation support from dedicated support representatives. 

Consistent Cloud Infrastructure Across Data Center, Cloud and Edge

VMware Cloud Foundation enables a hybrid cloud platform that spans all major public clouds – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud – and more than 60 VMware Cloud Verified partners worldwide. 

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