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VMware Announces New Sovereign Cloud Partners

Sydney, Australia – VMware Explore 2022 Europe, 8th November, 2022—VMware has pioneered Sovereign Cloud as an initiative for VMware Cloud Providers. Today, VMware announced that 25 global providers have attained the status of VMware Sovereign Cloud provider. This is more than 100% growth in just over a year. This growth is being driven by an evolving market recognising that the data economy and data sovereignty are of paramount importance, especially in Asia and Europe. VMware Sovereign Cloud partners offer key sovereign capabilities to nations to ensure that classified data is protected, compliant, and resident within the national territory and subject to the laws of that country. Being within a sovereign jurisdiction, sovereign clouds are exempt from foreign jurisdictional control and managed by national citizens with the relevant national security clearance offering a securely operated cloud infrastructure and cloud modernisation services. You can see the full list of VMware Sovereign Cloud providers here.

Below is commentary from some of our new Sovereign Cloud partners.

Macquarie Government – Australia

“The growing importance of data sovereignty, scrutiny of data access and control, and increasing geo-political friction is leading governments and regulated industries to closely analyse their cloud strategies and evaluate who may have access to their data,” said Aidan Tudehope, Managing Director, Macquarie Government. “The VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative helps customers identify and engage with trusted cloud service providers to meet their specific sovereign cloud requirements. Becoming a VMware Sovereign Cloud provider is further validation of Macquarie’s long-term position on the importance of sovereign capability at a time when national resilience is more important than ever in Australia.”

Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd. (AIS) – Thailand

“Enterprises have been relying on the cloud to transform faster than ever,” said Tanapong Ittisakulchai, chief enterprise business officer, AIS Business. “But as cloud adoption soared, concerns over data privacy, residency and control arose. We are proud to be the first VMware partner in Southeast Asia to offer a sovereign cloud, which will empower organisations in Thailand to unleash the value of critical data — data that stays in the country and is kept out of reach of foreign control and influence.”

Fundaments B.V. – Saudi Arabia

“During this post-COVID time, we have seen many of our customers re-evaluating the way they are working,” said Larik-Jan Verschuren, CTO at Fundaments. “Geo-political changes, better security, and safeguarding data are key to this evaluation. Influence of abroad governments combined with the ever-increasing rate of cyber-attacks has also increased the requirement for better data protection and control. This has led to higher demand for a framework to define and mitigate risks to data, and the need for a different approach to cloud that can better address data portability, sovereignty and management. Using our Sovereign Cloud and the framework of data management can guide CISO’s and CIO’s into the right way of handling company data.”

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