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VMware Accelerates Innovation and Digital Transformation in Sovereign Clouds with New Sovereign-Ready Solutions

With Sovereign SaaS, VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers Capture Modern Workloads, Create Stronger Differentiation, and Simplify Operations

New Research Highlights the Need for Sovereign Clouds to Help Enterprises Address the Delicate Balance Between Data Monetization and Data Sovereignty

BARCELONA—VMware Explore 2022 Europe (Nov. 8, 2022)—VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), today announced the number of VMware Sovereign Cloud providers has more than doubled to 25 partners globally. VMware is also announcing VMware Tanzu on sovereign cloud, VMware Aria Operations Compliance pack for sovereign clouds, and new open ecosystem solutions. Together these new Sovereign SaaS innovations will enable partners to deliver services equivalent to those found in public clouds, while also better assuring data is protected, compliant, and resident within national territories. With sovereign SaaS, VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers can build highly differentiated solutions to capture modern workloads, simplify operations with continuous compliance monitoring, and support data monetization with lower risk.

The VMware Sovereign Cloud Framework and associated capabilities that make up the VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative are aligned with Gaia-X and other global data sovereignty regulations to further simplify the delivery of sovereign clouds. New VMware Sovereign Cloud providers include Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd., Fundaments B.V., Hitachi, Ltd., Macquarie Government, National Information Center, NCS PTE Ltd., PT Aplikanusa Lintsarta, Tata Communications Limited and Credence. Hear what these partners have to say about the importance of sovereign cloud.

VMware is now building a portfolio of sovereign SaaS offerings. Partners deliver sovereign SaaS natively using VMware software running in their sovereign cloud data centers, completely disconnected from the public Internet. All data remains resident and exists only within a given sovereign region, with no access by foreign jurisdictions, no data or meta data leaves the country or provider.

“There is no data sovereignty without cloud sovereignty. And sovereignty does not have to come at the expense of cloud innovation,” said Rajeev Bhardwaj, vice president, cloud provider platform solutions, VMware. “With our new sovereign cloud innovations, we’re again setting the agenda by bringing SaaS services into sovereign environments. This will enable VMware Sovereign Cloud providers to help their customers innovate and drive digital transformation while reducing the risk of unlocking the value of data.”

VMware Tanzu on Sovereign Cloud

Highly regulated customers recognize the strategic need to modernize applications to improve customer engagement with enhanced security, efficiency, and resiliency. Containers and Kubernetes offer a pathway to modernization. With VMware Tanzu on sovereign cloud, organizations can build, run, manage, and better secure modern applications consistently on sovereign cloud infrastructure with enterprise Kubernetes built in. The Tanzu portfolio simplifies platform operations and frees developers to move faster and access the right resources for building the best applications. Sovereign-ready Tanzu is delivered by partners natively from their sovereign cloud data centers, completely disconnected from the Internet. VMware Tanzu on sovereign cloud includes:

  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: VMware’s enterprise-ready, Kubernetes runtime provides customers with simplified installation, automated multi-cluster operations, and integrated platform services. Carvel-based tooling provides a set of reliable, single-purpose, composable tools that aid in application building, configuration, and deployment to Kubernetes. For sovereign clouds, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid includes open source components such as Fluent Bit, Prometheus, Grafana, and Contour that offer monitoring and ingress capabilities. Organizations can observe and adapt based on open-source metrics, traces and logs which display where Kubernetes cluster failures may arise, and better ensure traffic is safe and allowed.
  • Tanzu Application Platform: Sovereign-ready Tanzu Application Platform provides development teams with the tools and services they need to get their code to production faster and more securely. Tanzu Application Platform has added air-gapped installation for enhanced security and compliance in sovereign cloud environments. Developer productivity has been enhanced with the addition of Dynamic API spec registration using the Backstage API plugin to more securely automate publishing, consumption, and collaboration on APIs for software development. A new, centralized vulnerability monitoring dashboard will aid app teams with their pre-deployment security checks and secure app deployments. Tanzu Application Platform has added support for Red Hat OpenShift, Jenkins, and Carbon to expand the footprint of ecosystem integrations.
  • Tanzu Mission Control: Sovereign-ready Tanzu Mission Control will provide policy-based cluster automation and management at scale for better visibility, control and security for operators, more consistency and speed for DevOps, and flexibility and autonomy for developers. Tanzu Mission Control will enable sovereign cloud partners to benefit from full Kubernetes visibility while maintaining full control over their network infrastructure connectivity. Simplified Kubernetes cluster management from a single control plane will help eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming tasks to streamline operations. VMware is working to add support for private deployments of Tanzu Mission Control in sovereign cloud environments. The solution is in private beta today.
  • VMware Data Solutions: VMware Data Solutions (formerly Tanzu Data Services) support compliant and conformant data management. Customers have access to a self-service user interface and API for lifecycle management of these services so they can tune their instances for optimal performance of their applications. VMware RabbitMQ is a lightweight and easy-to-deploy message broker that supports multiple messaging protocols and can be deployed in distributed and federated configurations to meet high-scale, high-availability requirements. VMware SQL is a relational database service providing cost-efficient and flexible deployments on-demand, at scale, while automating time-consuming administration. VMware Data Solutions are integrated with VMware Cloud Director, further simplifying operations and deployment to sovereign cloud environments. VMware RabbitMQ is available and VMware SQL is in preview with more services to come.
VMware Aria Operations for Sovereign Clouds

VMware Aria Operations Compliance pack for sovereign clouds provides continuous compliance monitoring, reporting, remediation, and automation capabilities that help partners remain compliant with both regulatory benchmarks and VMware Sovereign Cloud guidelines. Sovereign-ready Aria Operations provides comprehensive capabilities across availability, performance, capacity management, cost management, and compliance for infrastructure or applications. VMware Aria Operations Compliance packs include out-of-the-box regulatory compliance kits, configuration checks, and reporting based on the 20-point Sovereign controls such as microsegmentation, data at rest and in-transit encryption, and ISO 27000 compliance. Full integration with VMware Cloud Director and a unified dashboard provide an automated and efficient way to demonstrate compliance across the complete sovereign cloud infrastructure. VMware is announcing initial availability for VMware Aria Operations Compliance pack for sovereign clouds.

Open Ecosystem Solutions for Sovereign Clouds

Working with its open ecosystem partners, VMware has delivered third-party offerings from partners such as Cloudian, Veeam and Fortanix for Object Storage, ransomware protection, backup/recovery, and key management. These services are tightly integrated with VMware Cloud Director for multi-tenant deployment and a seamless user experience. VMware continues to build this open ecosystem with the unveiling of the following new partner services:

  • Risk and Compliance management: VMware has collaborated with Caveonix to deliver a fully integrated security, compliance, and governance platform within the sovereign domain to manage the data sovereignty compliance requirements of sovereign cloud. The platform continuously monitors and assesses the security and compliance posture of the VMware environment to help ensure immediate reporting and mitigation of any drift, thus protecting all data assets stored in the sovereign cloud.
  • Data Lakehouse as a Service: VMware Tanzu Greenplum, a massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse platform, seamlessly integrates with Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage to deliver the same data lakehouse architectures available in public clouds to sovereign clouds. This VMware-certified solution enables new efficiencies and savings and is ideal for the creation and deployment of advanced analytics models for complex enterprise applications. Customers can vary the number of compute nodes running Greenplum or storage nodes running HyperStore elastically, independently, and on-demand, allowing customers flexibility and better economics within the sovereign cloud environment.

“For years, OVHcloud has developed a strong partnership VMware,” said Thierry Souche, chief technology officer, OVHcloud. “With the strengths of our common offering in the field of Hosted Private cloud, we now embrace a new step with the deployment of sovereign-ready Tanzu in a completely trusted and isolated mode that protects data all along its lifecycle. Building on this unique commitment among the world’s leading cloud technology players, we are very proud to deploy best in class solutions that will address cloud native application and platform needs with cutting edge solutions. Data sovereignty has never been more important for IT decision makers in Europe, and we’re pleased to further expand our portfolio to help them seize the full potential of a trusted cloud.”

“We have now established foundational sovereign cloud capabilities in our Nordic data center network for our customers and are actively taking existing and new customers to this new modern solution,” said Alberto Valero, Head of Technology & Growth for Tietoevry Connect. “We see that the next logical step for us to help our customers in their digitalization transformation is to provide for them the Tanzu Application Portfolio. With Tanzu Application Platform, customers get a very comprehensive tool set supported by our professional services to significantly improve their ability to boost their data driven ecosystems. We are really excited about the possibilities these brings to power up the data economy in the digital sovereign context.”

Sovereign Clouds and the Delicate Dance of Data Monetization vs. Data Sovereignty(1)

New research conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by VMware reveals that over the next two years, 96% of all companies surveyed believe data will be a source of revenue, and 50% believe it will be a significant revenue source. As economic uncertainty intensifies, it is not surprising that more business leaders are zeroing in on their data as an untapped revenue source. Yet the downside is just as big: respondents identified data sovereignty as one of the key challenges facing organizations with 95% admitting it is a concern. Organizations that fail to comply with data-sovereignty regulations often must pay fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars and suffer damage to brand reputation because of data compromise. Today, 100+ countries have their own laws governing how data should be managed and stored within their sovereign borders, and most of these regulations are changing constantly. VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers offer their customers a safer path forward in de-risking data monetization. Read the full report here.

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1) “Multi-Cloud Maturity Research Report,” Vanson Bourne, October 2022.

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