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Kunden in EMEA kürzen Kapital- und Betriebskosten …


Kunden in EMEA kürzen Kapital- und Betriebskosten durch VMware-Virtualisierungsprodukte

VMware unterstützt Einführung von Cloud Computing und Desktop-Virtualisierung, geschäftliche Flexibilität und „Cut Line Items Out of IT Budgets“

Cannes, 25. Februar 2009 - Zur VMworld Europe 2009 gab VMware, Hersteller von Virtualisierungslösungen für Desktopsysteme bis hin zum Rechenzentrum, heute bekannt, dass zahlreiche neue Kunden in ganz EMEA die VMware-Plattform einsetzen, um ihre Kapital- und Betriebskosten deutlich zu senken.

Die Kunden stellen Vorteile wie vereinfachtes Management, höhere geschäftliche Beweglichkeit und drastische Kosteneinsparungen fest, wenn sie ihre Desktop-Umgebungen virtualisieren und Private Clouds implementieren, die die VMware-Plattform nutzen. Die Voraussetzungen hierfür verbessern sich rasch. So stieg seit Ankündigung der VMware vCloud Initiative zur VMworld Las Vegas im September 2008 beispielsweise die Zahl der Service Provider, die diese Initiative unterstützen, von rund 100 auf mehr als 400.

Aus Aktualitätsgründen erhalten Sie die unten angehängte Meldung im amerikanischen Original.

Customers Across EMEA Drive Down Capital and Operating Expenses with VMware Virtualization Products

VMware Helping to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing and Desktop Virtualization, Enabling Organizations to Increase Enterprise Flexibility and Cut Line Items Out of IT Budgets

CANNES, France and FRIMLEY, UK – February 25, 2009 – Today at VMworld Europe 2009, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, announced a number of new customers across EMEA that are using the VMware platform to significantly reduce capital and operating expenses. These customers are experiencing benefits, such as simplified management, increased business agility, and dramatic cost savings, by virtualizing their desktop environments and implementing private clouds that leverage the VMware platform.

“Over the past 18 months, the discussion has ceased to be around whether we will see virtualization on a large scale across EMEA,” said Maurizio Carli, general manager, VMware EMEA. “The discussion is now around which strategic initiatives virtualization can support most effectively. Without a doubt, cloud computing is one of those initiatives. We are seeing rapid adoption of virtualization for both internal and external clouds. At a time where many companies face intense pressure to do more with less, cloud computing and virtualization have never made more sense. Together, they offer customers massive scalability and flexibility and the opportunity to significantly cut IT costs.”

Moving to Cloud Computing

VMware announced its VMware vCloud Initiative at VMworld Las Vegas 2008 in September. Since that time, the number of service providers supporting the initiative has grown from approximately 100 to more than 400.

T-Systems, one of Europe’s largest businesses, presented their cloud computing strategy at VMworld Europe 2009, and has developed a cloud computing service – Dynamic Services – which is based on VMware Infrastructure. “For us, cloud computing today already has become a reality,” says Jörn Kellermann, vice president, application line DTAG at T-Systems.

Klaus Rubik, head of engineering and systems management at T-Systems says, “My team is building a large part of the foundation for T-Systems Dynamic Services and an important part of this platform is based on VMware technology. This gives us a significant success in the market.”

Revolutionizing the Desktop

An increasing number of VMware customers are using virtualization for centralized desktop management. This is reflected in the growing market demand for VMware View™, which enables IT organizations to deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops to any device from enterprise datacenters and cloud environments.

At this year’s VMworld Europe, Simon Spence, chief information officer for CB Richard Ellis, the leading global commercial real estate services company, presented his organization's successful virtual desktop implementation. Spence and his team are rolling out a virtual desktop infrastructure to more than 4,000 employees in 39 countries, with the aim of creating a single, standardized desktop for all CB Richard Ellis staff across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"We are currently creating a global desktop estate that will make all applications available to our own or contracted staff in any of our offices across Europe, the Middle East and Africa," said Spence. "The beauty of virtual desktops is that we can also provide these capabilities securely to our staff wherever they are and on whatever machine they use without any compromise on performance, even in the event of a major outage. In addition to this, we are looking to save up to £500,000 a year in capital and operating expenses by reducing hardware procurement, power consumption, datacenter floor space, cabling, and time devoted to desktop management.”

Standardizing on Virtualization

VMware’s customers are increasingly standardizing on VMware as their virtualization and datacenter platform. Nearly half (42 percent) of surveyed VMware customers report virtualization is now the “default build” of their datacenters, nearly double what was reported in 2007 (25 percent). Over half of VMware’s surveyed EMEA customers (57 percent) use VMware exclusively for x86 virtualization. (1)

Checkpoint Systems International, a leading manufacturer of identification, tracking, security and merchandising solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, is running all of its mission-critical SAP systems on VMware. "Any company using SAP will tell you that reliability and manageability are two of the key points they look for from any supporting platform they choose," said Michael Nogger, IT operations manager, Europe Checkpoint Systems International, GMBH. “VMware is certainly our platform of choice. In terms of reliability, we have a very robust infrastructure, which is currently delivering 99.7-percent uptime for our critical systems."

The IT services company of huge German-based insurance ERGO Group is standardizing its datacenters on virtualization from VMware. As part of its AREAL project, which is being driven by growing regulatory, technical and physical resource demands, the Group has started to move over 1,000 servers to a virtualized platform.

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has virtualized around 75 percent of its systems since June 2007, cutting hardware costs by approximately 30 percent. On its new virtualized infrastructure, Ducati has been able to implement new applications very quickly, which is vital in an industry that is literally ‘fast moving’ and has enabled the company to bring new products to market in less time than in the past.

The Power of Fusion

Finally, VMware has seen significant EMEA momentum for VMware Fusion 2, which was launched in September 2008. Last year VMware Fusion became the #1 selling Mac virtualization product in North America, according to NPD and it is regularly amongst the best software sellers on Apple’s online store and Virtual machines created with VMware Fusion are used by the physicists at CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the world's leading laboratory for particle physics -- who are working on experiments that run on the world’s largest particle accelerator, Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Across the EMEA region, VMware now has more than 50,000 customers, including 91 percent of the UK’s FTSE 100; 95 percent of the Germany’s DAX 100; 100 percent of France’s CAC 40; 91 percent of Spain’s IBEX 35; and 87 percent of Italy’s MIB 30.

VMware continues to expand its presence in EMEA, as evidenced by VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes, France, which was attended by more than 4300 customers, partners and industry analysts. The show focused heavily on the momentum around both internal and external cloud computing, desktop and application virtualization and the continued development of VMware’s partner ecosystem that supports virtualization with innovative storage, business continuity, security, management and automation solutions.


VMware (NYSE: VMW) ist der weltweit führende Hersteller von Virtualisierungs-Lösungen für Desktopsysteme bis hin zum Rechenzentrum. Kunden jeden Formats reduzieren ihre Kapital- und Betriebskosten, gewährleisten Business Continuity, stärken die Sicherheit und werden „grün“ mittels VMware. Mit einem Umsatz von 1,9 Milliarden US-Dollar für 2008, mehr als 130.000 Kunden und über 22.000 Partnern ist VMware eine der am rasantest wachsenden Softwarefirmen öffentlichen Rechts. VMware hat seinen Sitz in Palo Alto, Kalifornien und gehört mehrheitlich der EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC). Die deutsche Niederlassung des Unternehmens befindet sich in München. Weitere Informationen finden sich auf


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