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Ahmar Mohammad

Vice President, Partners, Managed Services, and Solutions GTM, VCF Division at Broadcom

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Ahmar is Vice President for Partners and Advanced Solutions Sales at Broadcom, leading strategic partnerships to drive growth, innovation, and market leadership with the partner ecosystem, across Cloud Service Providers, OEMs, Hyperscalers, and Technology Alliances. Prior to this role, Ahmar led the Global Transformation Office at VMware, where he orchestrated the company's evolution from a software-centric model to a cloud and subscription-focused organization. His responsibilities encompassed the development and execution of various initiatives, including standardized go-to-market plays, multi-cloud offerings, and subscription conversion programs. Under his leadership, VMware witnessed significant strides in transforming to the subscription licensing model, aligning business strategies with market trends and customer needs. In past roles at VMware, Ahmar has been responsible for VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS Sales Synergy, and Cloud Economics business development. His efforts were instrumental in accelerating cloud sales motions, fostering strategic partnerships, and delivering compelling value propositions to customers. Bringing over 24 years of cloud industry experience, Ahmar has led several business development, sales, and marketing teams at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, prior to joining VMware. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Ahmar holds majors in Information Systems and Decision Sciences.