20 Questions

Today, technology is inseparable from our culture, communities, and the way we do business.

u003cpu003eAs a result, the questions confronting our society are more complex than ever. To tackle there questions requires seeing clearly, with fresh eyes, from new perspectives.u003c/pu003e
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As the company that built the digital foundation for business, VMware sits at the crossroads of many trends that are defining the future of technology. That’s why we’re inviting diverse leaders across industries to help us get to the heart of these matters … in 20 Questions.


Human-Robot Collaboration

Sougwen Chung

Artist & Researcher

Diversity and AI

Laura Gomez

CEO & Founder, Atipica

Just as technology opens so many opportunities, it closes so many doors. We have to be empathetic. Technology’s not going to solve everything.

Laura Gomez

Pokémon Go, Harry Potter and Tech for Good

John Hanke

Founder & CEO, Niantic Labs

Hack, Hustle and Design the World

Olatunde Sobomehin

CEO & Lead Servant, StreetCode Academy

The rest of the world doesn’t look like Silicon Valley.

Olatunde Sobomehin

Cryptocurrency & Anchovies

Alexis Ohanian

Co‑Founder, Reddit

Democratizing Creativity

Charles Adler

Co‑Founder, Kickstarter