Author Spotlight

Paula Hodgins

Senior Vice President, WW Cloud Sales


Paula Hodgins currently serves as Senior Vice President, WW Cloud Sales, at VMware. As the leader of the worldwide Cloud Sales Team, she and her team work across the sales and partner organizations to sell the entire VMware Cloud Portfolio, drive time-to-value for both enterprise and commercial customers and lead VMware’s evolution to become a Multi-Cloud leader. In February 2021, Hodgins joined VMware as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Global Accounts and Telco Sales. In that role, she successfully led a team of trusted advisors focused on driving value and leading transformation for VMware and its largest and most strategic global customers. Prior to joining VMware in 2021, Hodgins was President of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Canada. As the top executive in Canada, she ran all customer segments and supported some of Canada’s largest companies and government agencies through their digital transformation journeys. Hodgins also spent 13 years at Microsoft, where she held multiple leadership positions working across global, US and Canadian subsidiaries. Most recently, Paula led Azure sales in the enterprise customer segment at Microsoft Canada, moving some of the country’s largest companies to public cloud for the first time. Hodgins holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband, Gary, and two children, Dylan and Danielle.