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Data Sovereignty: Should French Companies Rethink Their Cloud Strategy?

Sovereign Cloud, Data sovereignty , roundtable discussion

Since the pandemic, companies have made significant investments in the public cloud, even if this means they are hosting confidential data in the cloud to benefit from the platform's scalability or to develop new digital services. According to an IDC study conducted on behalf of VMware, 50% of European companies claim to have sensitive or confidential data in their public cloud today.

However, with public clouds, there is the risk that your data may be moved outside of the country for innocent reasons, such as backup and recovery operations. So-called sovereign clouds help avoid this risk since they physically exist in the country they support. This means, the discussion about sovereign cloud needs to include data sovereignty as well.

So, given this context, and with cloud environments spreading fast, are companies armed to manage data sovereignty and security imperatives without holding up innovation?

Watch our roundtable of experts discuss this question in the video below (includes English subtitles):

Roundtable participants:

  • Caroline Comet-Fraigneau, VP France, Benelux, Africa and Middle East, OVHcloud
  • Jean-Matthieu Tilquin, Head of Solutions, ChapsVision Group
  • Marc Dollois, Country Manager of VMware France