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VMware Cloud on AWS – here today, here tomorrow

Hock Tan

Customers around the world have seamlessly migrated their enterprise applications to VMware Cloud on AWS to combine the scale and agility benefits of public cloud with the security, resiliency, and performance benefits of private cloud. VMware first launched this offering with AWS almost seven years ago and it continues to serve customers’ needs today.

Unfortunately, there have been false reports that VMware Cloud on AWS may be going away, which is causing unnecessary concern for our loyal customers who have used the service for years. We are acting quickly to correct this misinformation because, as Winston Churchill correctly said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” I’m pleased to report the service is alive, available, and continues to support our customers' strategic business initiatives just as it always has.

So, here’s what’s really going on. VMware Cloud on AWS is no longer directly sold by AWS or its channel partners. It’s that simple. What this means is that customers who previously purchased VMware Cloud on AWS from AWS will now work with Broadcom or an authorized Broadcom reseller to renew their subscriptions and expand their environments. Customers who have active one- or three-year subscriptions with monthly payments that were purchased from AWS will continue to be invoiced by AWS until the end of their term.

VMware Cloud on AWS has transformed the industry by providing a reliable solution to move enterprise VMware workloads onto the public cloud without the expensive, time-consuming and unpredictable refactoring and migrations that come with native public cloud services. It also transformed the industry by showcasing VMware’s enterprise-grade SDDC software. Today we deliver the same software in public cloud and on-prem as VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), helping organizations modernize their infrastructure with the best possible TCO, with the flexibility and portability to move and run their workloads wherever they choose.

So, again, VMware Cloud on AWS continues to serve customers just as it always has.