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The Next Evolution of Broadcom Value-Added OEM Solutions

Ricky Cooper
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Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve signed new agreements with Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Lenovo to deliver solutions built upon VMware Cloud Foundation, with additional partnerships to come. All of these partner solutions will be delivered through the Broadcom Advantage Program for Authorized Value-Add OEM (VAO) partners, which is designed to provide integrated, turnkey solutions to accelerate customers’ digital transformation journey and specifically advance their on-premises cloud experience.

Broadcom recognizes that VAO partners play a critical role in developing and delivering co-engineered offerings, integrating VMware software with their differentiated capabilities, and delivering a seamless, unified solution and experience to our shared customers. The Broadcom Advantage Program for VAO partners is designed to strengthen a co-innovation agenda with our most valued partners and deliver integrated VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)-based solutions. VAO partners will drive a consistent VCF experience for our mutual customers through unique co-engineered offerings that are partner-branded, sold, and supported.

VMware Cloud Foundation: The best subscription-based private cloud solution for innovation

Broadcom’s strategy is to drive adoption of VCF as the best subscription-based private cloud solution for our customers’ innovation. The solution delivers the scale and agility of public cloud with the security, resiliency, and performance of private cloud for any modern and traditional application. 

VCF helps organizations modernize their infrastructure with the best possible total cost of ownership.  It enables a self-service private cloud experience for developers, which results in greater productivity, and provides enterprise-grade resiliency and security to help protect workloads and infrastructure from cyber-threats or disastrous events. 

We have now delivered a simplified portfolio with all VMware core technologies consolidated into VCF as a single, integrated product. As a result, we can deliver innovation faster through the integration of VCF with our VAO partners' unique hardware systems, software, and services, providing truly differentiated, turnkey private cloud solutions.

Co-Engineered Offerings: Delivering customers a superior cloud experience

Our goal is to deliver VCF through a rich portfolio of co-engineered offerings with our VAO partners. Our mutual customers will enjoy a seamless experience through tight integration of VCF with the VAO partner differentiated technologies and services to enable full stack deployment, operations, management, orchestration, monitoring, diagnostics, support, and life cycle management, all delivered by a single vendor. The VAO partner solutions are:  

  • Workload ready: Turnkey, out-of-the-box cloud experience.
  • Easy to manage: Through deployment, activation, and life cycle management.
  • Resilient and secure: Pre-tested, validated, and certified for strict service-level agreements.

In Summary

With change comes opportunity, and with deep and trusted partnerships with our VAO partners, we can jointly accelerate the pace of innovation for the benefit of our common customers. VMware Cloud Foundation is the best platform for deploying a private cloud infrastructure that is ubiquitous, flexible, and extensible. And when VAO partners provide their own innovation, they deliver a superior private cloud solution that is unique from other offerings, and ultimately a solution beyond what can be accomplished with the individual piece parts alone.