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Digitization boost for enterprises: VMware Cloud on AWS available in Switzerland

ZURICH, Switzerland (01 August 2023) — VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in the AWS Europe (Zurich) region. With VMware Cloud on AWS, customers in Switzerland can run in VMware vSphere-based workloads in consistent hybrid cloud environments with direct access to native AWS services without changing their existing infrastructure - and benefit from the advantages of the cloud, including scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

VMware Cloud on AWS is a jointly engineered service that brings VMware’s enterprise class Software-Defined Data Center software to the AWS Cloud’s dedicated, elastic, bare-metal infrastructure, delivered as an on-demand service. This enables enterprise workloads to run more securely on both virtual machines and containers at scale. The solution provides integrated Kubernetes and optimized access to more than 200+ native AWS services, including database, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to enable a pragmatic approach to app modernization. Built-in VMware NSX security capabilities also help detect and stop threats early - this includes lateral movement within and across clouds and data centers.

Other benefits include on-demand capacity as well as flexible use, full operational consistency with software defined data center (SDDC) on premises, bi-directional workload portability and hybrid operations with VMware HCX. VMware Cloud on AWS is available around the world, so customers can implement globally.

Setting up VMware Cloud on AWS environment can take as little as 2 hours and scaling host capacity is possible within minutes. Advanced application security gives customers peace of mind to focus on their strengths and innovate their business and the security policies between different public clouds and the private data center is consistent at the same time which offers the customer even further relief. Customers don’t have to be concerned about their data and process protection any longer as access to workloads and containers is more secured.

Customers are enabled to quickly scale their infrastructure to meet business needs what gives developers the ability to efficiently deploy and maintain enterprise applications, among other things. In addition, entire data centers, in production without interruption, can be migrated or agilely expanded as needed. Customers can leverage ransomware and disaster recovery as a service to protect their data, minimize downtime and reduce costs.

A Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study1 commissioned by VMware and conducted by Forrester Consulting showed a composite organization experienced a 99% return on investment over three years with payback in 13 months running in VMware Cloud on AWS when compared to the equivalent capacity on-premises. The composite organization saw an average annual reduction in infrastructure and operations costs of more than 53% and avoided USD $1M in costs associated with application redesign. The full study can be downloaded here.

"By partnering with AWS, we can offer faster, simpler, and more cost-effective cloud computing. That's the foundation for more innovation and significantly faster time to market for enterprises," said Thomas Krieg, senior director, Alps Region, VMware. "With the launch of VMware Cloud on AWS, we are driving the digitization of the Swiss economy even faster."

L'École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is already using VMware Cloud on AWS: "We already have a small set-up with VMware Cloud on AWS outside Switzerland for disaster recovery purposes," said Philippe Morel, Director of IT Operations, and Infrastructure at EPFL. "It will enable us to burst to the cloud to deal with peak workloads, for example at the end of the semester when many of our students and researchers are delivering big projects. Ultimately it will support the University in the pursuit of major scientific advances."

VMware and AWS share a close and extensive collaboration. Both companies have established dedicated sales, solution architecture and customer success teams to help customers take advantage of VMware Cloud on AWS. The new offering is available for purchase through both AWS and VMware, as well as through the companies' respective partners. In addition, more than 300 partner technology solutions that are validated on VMware Cloud on AWS are available to customers.

VMware Cloud on AWS is used by customers worldwide across a wide range of industries - including logistics, healthcare including pharmaceuticals, financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, government, education, professional services, and technology. VMware Cloud on AWS supports application migration and modernization, data center migration, data center extension, and cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure, among others. For more information about VMware Cloud on AWS, visit

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1-Values are based on risk-adjusted results from "The Total Economic Impact™ Of VMware Cloud On AWS" study conducted in October 2022 by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VMware, collected over a three-year period for a mixed organization.

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