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VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas – News Summary

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At VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas, VMware reinforced its commitment to helping match customers with the right applications with the right cloud and investing in the technologies that allow organizations to more consistently and securely manage and operate across multi-cloud environments.

Organizations today are deeply committed to driving a once-in-a-generation shift to becoming innovative digital companies. At the same time, business leaders are tasked with driving top-line growth through digital innovation and empowering a hybrid and flexible workforce while also optimizing cloud spend, reducing costs and increasing resiliency.

The announcements made as part of VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas focus on product innovation and partnerships that enable customers to:

  • Drive enterprise adoption of generative artificial intelligence and tap into the value of trusted data
  • Modernize, optimize, and better protect their organizations with new cloud transformation capabilities
  • Develop, deliver, and optimize apps across clouds
  • Accelerate digital transformation at the edge
  • Optimize the employee experience

VMware Puts the Power of Generative AI Within Reach of Any Enterprise

VMware has introduced new Private AI offerings to drive enterprise adoption of generative artificial intelligence and tap into the value of trusted data. The announcements include:

  • VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA, comprised of a set of integrated AI tools, will empower enterprises to run proven models trained on their private data in a cost-efficient manner and will enable these models to be deployed in data centers, on leading public clouds, and at the edge. Read the joint VMware and NVIDIA press release here..
  • VMware Private AI Reference Architecture for Open Source to help customers achieve their desired AI outcomes by supporting best-in-class open-source software (OSS) technologies. At VMware Explore 2023, VMware is showcasing collaborations with leading companies from across the AI value chain, including Anyscale, Domino Data Lab, Global Systems Integrators, Hugging Face and Intel.

VMware has announced a new VMware AI Ready program, which will connect ISVs with tools and resources needed to validate and certify their products on VMware Private AI Reference Architecture. At VMware Explore 2023, the company also introduced Intelligent Assist, a family of generative AI-based solutions trained on VMware’s proprietary data to simplify and automate all aspects of enterprise IT in a multi-cloud era.

Read the full release here.

VMware Cloud helps Modernize, Optimize, and Better Protect Today’s Multi-Cloud Enterprises with New Offerings and Capabilities

VMware has announced the next evolution of VMware Cloud, empowering customers with new editions and capabilities that will help them modernize, optimize, and better protect their organizations.

VMware Cloud is available in five prescriptive VMware Cloud editions (Essentials, Standard, Pro, Advanced, Enterprise) that help customers flexibly modernize infrastructure and management at every stage of their cloud transformation journey and can be deployed and managed in three ways: Customer Managed, VMware Managed and Provider Managed.

VMware has unveiled VMware NSX+, a new cloud-managed service offering of NSX for multi-cloud environments (previously Project NorthStar) that advances core networking and security capabilities for VMware Cloud. VMware is also introducing NSX+ virtual private clouds (VPCs) to provide full isolation of networking, security, and services to multiple tenants on a shared VMware Cloud infrastructure managed by a single global NSX interface.

Other highlights include:

  • VMware vSAN max, a new offering within the vSAN family that will deliver petabyte-scale disaggregated storage for even more scalable, efficient and cost-effective storage for VMware Cloud.
  • VMware Ransomware Recovery, an award-winning VMware Cloud service, designed to recover from fileless attacks using behavioral analysis of powered-on VMs in cloud-based isolated recovery environments (IREs).
  • Early Availability of a new cloud-based ESXi lifecycle management service in VMware vSphere+, which will enable IT admins to centrally manage upgrades across their entire ESXi fleet in distributed multi-vCenter environments.

Read the full release here.

VMware Expands Tanzu to Accelerate App Delivery at Enterprise Scale

VMware has introduced a suite of powerful new offerings across VMware Tanzu to provide customers with a complete solution to develop, deliver, and optimize apps across clouds. The Tanzu platform now brings together existing Tanzu and Aria products with new integrations, innovations and portfolio enhancements to revolutionize application delivery while focussing on application-centric visibility, proactive optimization, and multi-cloud management.

Highlights include a new VMware Tanzu Application Engine (beta), enhanced multi-cloud Kubernetes operations, a developer portal that extends curated app templates, enhanced enterprise developer experience with Spring Framework 6 and a new platform engineer admin console to configure and operate the Tanzu Application Platform.

The new Tanzu Intelligence Services includes portions of the VMware Aria portfolio with the common data platform to supercharge platform engineering and cloud operations. The new innovations and enhancements feature a tech preview of VMware Tanzu with Intelligent Assist that will streamline operational workflows using a conversational chatbot experience powered by generative AI. Other highlights include VMware Tanzu CloudHealth, VMware Tanzu Insights, VMware Tanzu Guardrails and VMware Tanzu Transformer.

Read the full release here.

VMware Delivers Powerful Business Operation Transformation at the Edge

VMware has announced new capabilities, solutions, and services to help customers accelerate their digital transformation at the edge. This includes:

  • VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator (formerly VMware SASE Orchestrator), which will provide unified management for VMware SASE and the VMware Edge Compute Stack. Enhancements to the orchestrator will help customers plan, deploy, run, visualize, and manage their edge environments in a friction-free manner by providing a single console to manage edge compute infrastructure, networking and security.
  • VMware Retail Edge, a new retail edge industry solution that will allow customers to reduce in-store infrastructure costs and management, remotely deploy and maintain applications on demand, and accelerate the deployment of next-generation AI apps. Read more about the new VMware Retail Edge solution in this blog post.
  • VMware Private Mobile Network, a soon-to-be-available VMware Edge managed connectivity service, designed to help remove the complexity associated with private mobile networks and enable enterprises to focus on their strategic business outcomes.

Read the full release here.

VMware Advances Autonomous Workspaces with AI-Powered Integrations

VMware has announced modern AI integrations to the Anywhere Workspace platform, part of the VMware Cross-Cloud services portfolio, that automatically optimize employee experience, drive new vulnerability management use cases, and simplify application lifecycle management. Highlights include:

Read the full release here.