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VMware Partner Ecosystem Supports Launch of VMware vSphere+ and vSAN+ 

VMware Staff

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 28, 2022 – Over the past decade, the successful adoption of VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN was driven in no small measure by a robust and thriving global partner ecosystem. These foundational technologies have been built into the fabric of our partners’ technology solutions to transform how IT operates and delivers business value to enterprises large and small. In the new era of multi-cloud, today’s launch of vSphere+ and vSAN+ will deliver the benefits of the cloud to on-premises workloads.

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Read what VMware partners are saying about how vSphere+ and vSAN+ are expected to deliver high-value cloud services for IT admins and developers to easily build, run, manage, and better secure today’s mission critical and tomorrow’s next-generation applications.


“3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors are the ideal choice for virtualized environments powered by VMware vSphere, providing the high core density needed to deliver the impressive performance, modern security features, optimal TCO and sustainability our joint customer's demand,” said Kumaran Siva, Corporate Vice President, Software & Systems Business Development at AMD. “The latest VMWare vSphere+ offering leverages the exceptional per-core performance of AMD EPYC processors, enabling the consolidation of customer infrastructure and workloads.”

Dell Technologies

“As organizations’ on-premises and cloud infrastructure needs evolve, they can accelerate innovation by focusing on improving system efficiency and maintenance, among other areas,” said Rajesh Pohani, Vice President of PowerEdge and Core Compute at Dell Technologies. “Solutions such as VMware vSphere+ and vSAN+ can help streamline on-premises workloads and centralized governance, simplifying processes for IT administrators and developers.”

Insight Enterprises

“VMware vSphere+ changes the game for IT admins. It gives them a cloud-delivered single pane of glass to manage across their entire distributed vSphere estate — not to mention the benefits of a cloud financial and operating model across any environment,” said Juan Orlandini, Chief Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Insight. "Additionally, developer services that speed time to value are incredibly important to our clients and something that’s built into vSphere+. With a common set of APIs that developers can learn once and deploy—regardless of where an app or service will be located—businesses are able to innovate faster.”


“Since the first days of virtualization technology, Intel and VMware have been collaborating to disrupt the IT industry, opening new possibilities for increased efficiency and value to our mutual customers,” said Das Kamhout, Vice President & CTO, Intel Cloud and Enterprise Software. “Together we have introduced innovative capabilities for IT operators and developers that transformed on-premises infrastructure. The next leap forward is now here with the vSphere+ and vSAN+ platform that simplifies the complexity of cloud services and provides flexibility to run your workloads and data where you want. Choice, performance, reliability, and security with the well-established, trusted combination of Intel and VMware.”


“Making AI accessible to all industries requires the ability to run NVIDIA AI software and infrastructure for developers in a way that’s easy for IT to manage,” said Justin Boitano, vice president of Enterprise and Edge Computing at NVIDIA. “VMware vSphere+ introduces enhanced multi-cloud support for flexible, modern computing to advance the work of the customers that NVIDIA serves with VMware and our partner ecosystem.”


“For most enterprises today, vSphere is the de facto on-premises workload platform of choice to support their enterprise applications,” said Brian Connors, VP & GM,  Software and Business Development, Lenovo. “Our customers are transitioning the deployment of software licenses from a perpetual license model to a subscription and SaaS model, so we’re excited to see VMware provide the flexibility in licensing and deployment options of vSphere+ and vSAN+. Combining these new capabilities with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX and TruScale as-a-Service capabilities is a great opportunity for our mutual customers to modernize their environments, accelerate developer innovation, and improve overall IT efficiency and security.”