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“Defenders are facing new and unprecedented security challenges—from an increase in breaches to a surge in ransomware attacks. We now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to truly redefine the industry’s approach to security. Complexity continues to be the enemy. We must make security simpler, faster and smarter. At VMware, we have set out to challenge the status quo of security and further our vision of creating a world safe from cyberattacks.”

—Patrick Morley, senior vice president and general manager, Security Business Unit, VMware

Empowering Today's Anywhere Workforce

VMware Anywhere Workspace solution enables a highly engaged workforce, delivers more effective security and reduces costs.

“We’ve tried other platforms for device management, and we’ve used a variety of different security applications. But ultimately, this VMware solution is helping us solve multiple business challenges, while providing the visibility to keep our endpoint environment secure. Anywhere Workspace will help Twitter better enable a future in which thousands of employees continue to work remotely.”

—Andrew Sopko, head of IT, Twitter


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VMware Empowers Today's Anywhere Workforce

The Future of Work Has Changed Forever. Now What?

TechRepublic: VMware Announces New Anywhere Workspace Tool to Help Businesses Make Remote Work Easier

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Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workforce

RSA Conference 2021

Compelling truths revealed by new workforce models and the heightened sophistication of breaches provide security leaders an unprecedented opportunity to be truth-tellers and take action. Teams that feel empowered to impact change are more engaged, effective and resilient.

At RSA Conference 2021, Angela Weinman, head of global governance, risk and compliance at VMware, and Jimmy Sanders, information security at Netflix DVD, share why and how they believe that taking responsibility for telling hard truths can impact change.


Noteworthy Content

VMware Enables Greater Security and Business Resilience for the Modern, Distributed Enterprise

2020 Threat Landscape Report: See What Evaded Perimeter Defenses

VMware Named Winner in Global Infosec Awards

Report: Modern Bank Heists 4.0

Building Greater Resilience: VMware at RSAC 2021

VMware Named Winner in Global Infosec Awards

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RSA Conference 2021

Keynotes and Speakers

VMware's Virtual Booth

Zero Trust, Zero Pain: A Practical Implementation of Zero Trust with Intrinsic Security

Enemy Inside the Gates: Securing the New Battleground

Escalation from Heist to Hostage Modern Bank Heists 4.0

SASE: Separating Fact from Fiction

Creating a Culture of Resiliency

Security Connect 2021

Join us on June 3 as we redefine security together.

Many organizations today are living in a state of compromise, with security teams facing a new level of sophistication in attacks across a constantly evolving threat landscape, expanding attack surfaces and a distributed workforce. There has never been a more pivotal time for security professionals to come together in a virtual setting for best practice sharing, training and more.

Join us for the VMware security event of the year, and together we’ll put the power back in the hands of defenders.


Noteworthy Content

VMware Secures the World’s Digital Infrastructure and Anywhere Workspaces

2021 Global Security Insights Report Details the Surge in Cyberattacks Targeting the Anywhere Workforce

VMware Anywhere Workspace Makes Collaboration Using Zoom Simpler and Safer for Hybrid Workforces

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Security Connect 2021 (June 3-4): Redefining Security Together

Design Your Security Connect 2021 Schedule and Join Us June 3 and 4

VMware at Black Hat USA

Released at Black Hat USA, VMware’s Global Incident Response Threat Report found that attackers are manipulating reality via integrity and destructive attacks to reshape the modern threat landscape. Meanwhile, defenders are struggling to counter these complex attacks and gain visibility into new environments. Dive deeper into the findings and other key security topics at Black Hat USA July 31-August 5.

Noteworthy Content

Cybercriminals Manipulate Reality via Integrity and Destructive Attacks, VMware Report Finds

Global Incident Response Threat Report: Manipulating Reality

Introducing VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Vulnerability Management

What Is Real: Incident Responders Face Uptick in Time Stamp Manipulation

Interview with Haim Helman | Best Practices for Securing Containers

Diverse Perspectives in Threat Intelligence Featuring VMware's Amelia Estwick

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Symbexcel: Bringing the Power of Symbolic Execution to the Fight Against Malicious Excel 4 Macros

Exposing Vulnerabilities in Kubernetes

Enemy Inside the Gates: 2020 Threat Landscape Key Findings

Disrupting Ransomware and Dismantling the Cybercrime Ecosystem

Security Hygiene for DevOps