Security3 min read Relies on VMware and Amazon Web Services Technologies to Stay Operational Under Any Circumstances

VMware Staff

Thanks to the combined benefits of VMware and AWS technologies, we are now able to recover from an outage in less than four hours! This is a real breakthrough that allows us to look forward to the future with confidence, whether it concerns the work of our employees or the satisfaction of our customers. Indeed, our customers will no longer have the risk of being impacted in the date of reception of their parcels and we will continue to respect our promises.

Grégory Schurgast, Chief Technological Officer,

Online furniture retailer creates a disaster recovery plan with VMware, AWS, and integrator Metanext, VMware's partner of choice, to ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction.

VMware today announced that, the leading online retailer of furniture, home furnishings and decorations in France and Europe, has selected VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery on AWS as its SaaS solution to provide a fast and secure disaster recovery plan and ensure full protection and recovery of its mission-critical workloads. With an exclusively online sales business and a growing volume of traffic, is particularly vulnerable to system failure. To maintain customer confidence, must ensure that its operations run smoothly and without interruption.

The challenges of the online furniture sales expert

For more than 16 years, has been offering its customers a wide range of home furnishings, an offer that is based on three inseparable pillars of its DNA: competitive prices, a wide range of products and a sense of service. With a presence in 11 countries, the company has already delivered to more than two million customers with a 94% satisfaction rate, and is showing strong growth, with a turnover of 168 million euros in 2021. In the 80,000 m2 warehouse, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the entire infrastructure and logistics are computerized, making the threat of an information system failure even more formidable. In order to ensure that its 300 employees dedicated to receiving, storing and shipping parcels are not prevented from performing their tasks in the event of an outage, is looking for a technological solution for disaster recovery. "Initially equipped with VMware solutions, our warehouse was based on a totally computerized infrastructure. So we wanted to take what we had in place with VMware a step further and extend our partnership to VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery," recalls Gregory Schurgast.

Focus on Disaster Recovery

To keep the business environment operational in the event of a disruption, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is provided to as an easy-to-use SaaS solution. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery replicates's on-premises virtual machines in the cloud by recovering them to VMware Cloud on AWS.

The implementation then went smoothly in just two weeks, thanks to Metanext, a leading consulting, integration and innovation company and VMware's flagship partner: "It was critical for to address the risk challenges of its business," says Alain Corenflos, Chief Technological Officer, Metanext. "With the help of VMware, our teams were able to put their expertise to work for and help them achieve the integration as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We were able to implement VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery before recovering the data in VMware Cloud on AWS in less than two weeks.”

"Both the VMware experts and the Metanext project team demonstrated their expertise and availability," adds Gregory Schurgast, whose efficient service providers enabled the company to ensure business continuity.

The next steps

The next step? With this technology alliance with VMware, is now planning to extend VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery to the company's headquarters and implement VMware's security technologies to guard against software attacks and adopt a defense-in-depth strategy. One more step to be more prepared than ever for the future.

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