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Advancing a Modern Private Cloud Platform with VMware Cloud Foundation

Krish Prasad
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I always relish the opportunity to announce a big new release. It’s the culmination of months, sometimes years of planning with the commitment and effort from our best and brightest, coupled with insights from our customers’ best and brightest. It’s when our roadmap meets our customers’ goals that we can truly deliver new and exciting ways for them to derive value from our solutions.

That’s why I’m excited to share Broadcom’s latest flagship release, VMware Cloud Foundation 5.2. I am sure you will want to dive into all the features and benefits that have been added with this update; there’s a lot to dig into there. But I wanted to share some of my own thoughts on why this is such an important VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) release and how that translates into good news for you.

My role affords me the opportunity to talk with a lot of customers. In every single customer interaction I have, it’s very clear that businesses are in dire need of a private cloud operating model that provides the consumability and agility benefits of public cloud with the security, resilience, control, and performance benefits of private cloud.

Meeting and exceeding these dynamic needs is why we strategically focused on transforming our business to deliver more value to our customers. It’s why we focus our innovation engine on deeply understanding the technical and adoption challenges our customers face, providing them with the best private cloud solution in the form of VMware Cloud Foundation.

The announcement today is an important milestone in delivering the results of this transformation to our customers. It’s a big deal for us, because it represents a tremendous amount of planning and engineering on our part. But it’s an even bigger deal for Broadcom customers because it’s set to accelerate their time to value and simplify the delivery of a cloud operating model for all workloads.

So what is this release about, and why should you care? Good question.

VMware Cloud Foundation: The Private Cloud Platform for Modern IT

Executives and IT decision-makers are forever grappling with critical challenges: the complexity of managing IT infrastructure, the need for faster deployment of applications, and the escalating costs associated with cloud services. We’ve heard it before and will hear it again. That said, we think it’s something we’ll hear less and less of from our VMware customers going forward as we continue to evolve VMware Cloud Foundation to address these pain points directly. Broadcom’s strategy is to drive the adoption of VMware Cloud Foundation as the best subscription-based private cloud platform for innovation, and it is a strategy firmly in the mind of every engineer who worked on VCF 5.2.

Other cloud stack solutions might claim lower upfront costs, but they often come with hidden complexity, capability limitations, and ongoing maintenance challenges that negate any purported initial savings, while also not advancing your cloud journey. Do you want to spend your time integrating complex systems? Or would you rather be using a purpose-built, ready to run cloud platform?

VMware Cloud Foundation offers simplicity and efficiency. It’s a turnkey, integrated solution that is ready to deploy with minimal customization, reducing the total cost of ownership and ongoing management burdens and is engineered to directly address your business goals.

It is a true private cloud offering with self-service consumption backed by powerful automation that can be deployed anywhere you need it whether on prem, from a service provider (including public cloud hyperscalers), or at edge locations. Security and resilience are intrinsic at every layer.

It is also a platform that can run any type of workload from your most mission critical traditional application through to the latest in AI workloads with cost efficiency, high performance, resilience, and ease of use. And it provides native Kubernetes and GPU acceleration and support, an Infrastructure-as-Code consumption surface, and the cloud experience your developers are looking for.

Broadcom Acquisition: Accelerating Innovation

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware provided us with additional resources, focus, and expertise, accelerating the development and enhancement of VCF. This means you can, in turn, expect faster innovation cycles, more robust support, and an unwavering focus on delivering solutions that meet real-world business needs. The announcements made for VCF 5.2 are all significant, yet this is also just the first step of where we’re going together.

Adopting VMware Cloud Foundation 5.2 is not just a technological upgrade; it's a strategic move that aligns with your business's need for a private cloud platform. For existing VMware customers, VCF represents the coming together of VMware’s experience and innovation in private cloud technology, ensuring a future-proof investment. For potential customers, it offers a compelling value proposition that addresses current IT challenges while positioning your organization for future success.

In my capacity as GM of the VCF Division here at Broadcom, I’m obviously excited to announce this new release. But I’m even more excited to connect with our customers after they’ve had the opportunity to deploy it. That’s where the rubber meets the road, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes.