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VMware Reinvents Enterprise Desktop Management and …

VMware Reinvents Enterprise Desktop Management and Security with Breakthrough New Product

VMware ACE Enables IT Desktop Managers to Rapidly Provision Secure, Standardized PC Environments Throughout the Extended Enterprise

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 20, 2004 — VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, today introduced VMware ACE, a major new product that moves enterprise desktop management and security significantly forward. VMware ACE allows IT desktop managers to provision secure, standardized PC environments throughout the extended enterprise. The product installs easily, improving manageability, security and cost-effectiveness of any industry-standard PC.

VMware ACE enables IT desktop managers to apply enterprise IT policies to a virtual machine containing an operating system, enterprise applications and data to create an isolated PC environment known as an assured computing environment. Through its unique Virtual Rights Management (VRM) technology, VMware ACE enables IT desktop managers to control lifecycles, secure enterprise information on PCs and enforce compliance with IT policies.

"Assured computing environments usher in a new software category that allows multiple work environments to coexist safely on a single PC," said Michael Mullany, vice president of marketing at VMware. "We believe that VMware ACE will transform how enterprises deploy and manage work environments for telecommuters and mobile computing users."

"VMware ACE allows us to create, maintain and manage a standardized, hardware-independent, secure desktop configuration that can be provisioned to any PC in the enterprise," said David Parsons, vice president of product development at ALG Software. "VMware ACE makes it far easier to support and manage desktops, allowing us to make adjustments for access control, patch compliance and new configurations."

"VMware ACE will save us time and money. It is going to decrease development time on my part, and because we can set everything up for the students, they need less training and have fewer problems. They just click it and it works," said Scott E. Worthington, technology support analyst at Arizona State University W. P. Carey School of Business. "We are able to create and package a virtual machine that is customized to meet the students' needs. For us, it's the easiest way to give a machine to an end user. By leveraging the Virtual Rights Management capabilities in VMware ACE, we can set expiration dates for the environment so students can use it for the term and we don't need to give them the software to configure on their machines."

VMware ACE provides multiple solutions for IT desktop managers:

  • Safe access to enterprise resources from remote and guest PCs. VMware ACE creates isolated PC environments that run on top of an existing PC and contain an operating system, enterprise applications and pre-configured security settings.
  • Secure data on enterprise PCs. VMware ACE ensures enterprise information is secure in assured computing environments on any PC throughout the extended enterprise. With VRM built-in copy protection controls and automatic encryption, VMware ACE helps prevent theft, tampering and unauthorized duplication of applications, data, system settings and files.
  • Standard and secure PC environments. VMware ACE is self-policing, hardware-independent and improves the manageability, security and cost-effectiveness of PCs. IT desktop managers are able to avoid building and supporting hardware-specific images for PCs and guarantee compliance with IT policies while maintaining end-user freedom.

Key features of VMware ACE include:


  • Centralized design of computing environments. IT desktop managers create standardized hardware-independent PC environments and deploy them to any PC.
  • VRM interface. IT desktop managers control VMware ACE lifecycle, security settings, network settings, system configuration and user interface capabilities.


  • Rules-based network access. IT desktop managers quarantine and prevent unauthorized VMware ACE environments from accessing the enterprise network.
  • Tamper-resistant computing environment. IT desktop managers prevent end users from changing desktop system configurations.
  • Copy-protected computing environment. IT desktop managers prevent end users from copying enterprise information.


  • Flexible computing environment. End users work online or when disconnected from the enterprise network.
  • Intuitive user interface. User interface is optimized for enterprise-wide use.

Pricing and Availability

VMware ACE is currently in beta testing and will be generally available later this year. Pricing will be announced at the time of general availability. For more information on VMware ACE or the beta, visit

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