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Partner Comments on VMware ESXi

Partner Comments on VMware ESXi

Partner Comments on VMware ESXi

“As virtualization continues to change the shape of today's business environments, new advances such as VMware ESXi will enable our customers to enjoy faster enterprise-wide deployment of the Accellion Secure File Transfer solution,” said Yorgen Edholm, president and chief executive officer of Accellion. “Because VMware ESXi installs quickly and is easy to deploy, Accellion customers spend considerably less time on configuration and significantly more time evaluating the true value of being able to share large files quickly and effortlessly using our solution.”

"VMware ESXi delivers dramatically quicker and easier installation of virtual appliances. This enables our customers to deploy Altor’s virtual network analysis and security solutions even faster, giving them instant visibility into their virtual network activity,” said Amir Ben-Efraim, chief executive officer of Altor Networks. “With VMware ESXi accelerating the pace of virtual appliance deployments in the datacenter, the demand for virtual network firewalls also accelerates. We are excited to be a VMware partner and support VMware ESXi across our products.”

“Simplifying the delivery and deployment of Catbird’s V-Agent Virtual Appliance via the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) and VMware ESXi is a terrific component of our goal of ensuring Catbird customers have instant, easy-to-use protection and compliance for their virtual environments," said Tamar Newberger, vice president of marketing at Catbird. "The VMware virtual appliance marketplace is a great vehicle for our appliance and is a user-friendly, high-value place to shop.”

“Companies are rapidly deploying virtualization technology because of its clear financial benefits; however, the potential security threats are often overlooked,” said Juliette Sultan, head of global marketing at Check Point Software Technologies.  “Our VPN-1 security solution fully supports VMware ESXi implementations, so customers can protect the data communication on their virtual networks with the same proven security used to protect their physical networks.”

“By utilizing the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for our virtual appliance, MindTouch Deki becomes even easier for customers to test drive and use," said Aaron Fulkerson, founder of MindTouch. "The ability to easily import and deploy our virtual appliance with VMware ESXi means fewer troubleshooting issues and a higher adoption rate, two keys to advancing Deki in the marketplace. The spread of VMware ESXi will no doubt contribute to the ongoing success of MindTouch Deki.”

"VMware ESXi represents an opportunity to vastly expand the overall virtualization ecosystem,” said Punit Minocha, vice president of business development at Trend Micro business development. “The proliferation of VMware ESXi could expand our potential customer base, expand the marketplace, and ultimately increase the adoption rate of virtual appliances.”

"VMware ESXi confirms VMware’s trajectory to keep layering on the breakthroughs,” said Stephen Dennis, president of “Virtual appliances are all about quick and effortless deployment, and VMware ESXi makes deployment of virtualized infrastructure equally as quick and effortless. The tiny footprints of VMware ESXi and virtual appliances add up to an exponential growth in resource efficiency. Even more, the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) makes virtual appliance deployment as simple as a click, with the appliance being streamed onto VMware ESXi with no manual download.”

“The ease of installing our virtual appliance using Open Virtual Format (OVF) along with the ease of installing VMware ESXi means that customers can deploy and expand virtualization more easily than ever before,” said Jonathan Alexander, president and co-founder of vmSight. “With VMware ESXi, customers have the most mature and robust platform for virtualization of both servers and desktops. And with vmSight OVF virtual appliances, customers get one-step deployment of vmSight’s virtual desktop monitoring and server optimization solutions.”

“The Open Virtualization Format (OVF) format will help Zeus customers to deploy ZXTM, our application delivery technology, more quickly and easily in their datacenters,” said David Day, chief technology officer of Zeus Technology. “Our customers use VMware technology as a key enabler to reduce operational costs and to create dynamic, flexible and responsive service infrastructures. The ability to use OVF with VMware ESXi is a significant step forward.”

“The Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for Virtual Appliances enables a more seamless provisioning experience for our customers and offers very robust configuration options when used with VMware ESXi,” said Satish Dharmaraj, Yahoo! Vice President and founder of Zimbra. “We are excited about OVF because it exposes Zimbra Collaboration Suite to a larger potential audience while at the same time making trials and deployment less complicated with Virtual Appliances.”