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VMware Virtual Computing Software Used Throughout Premier Security Conference

VMware Virtual Computing Software Used Throughout Premier Security Conference

Security Experts Simulate Intrusion Detection Networks At SANS2002

Orlando, Fla. and Palo Alto, Calif., April 1, 2002 -- VMware, Inc., the leading provider of virtual computing software for industry-standard computers, today announced that its software is being used to host network security training at the SANS2002 annual conference. The conference is the premier information security event of the year and is being held at the Orlando Marriott World Resort, April 1 - 7, 2002.

"VMware has really expanded the realm of what we are able to offer trainees," said David Henning, IDNet co-chair for SANS2002.

VMware's virtual computing software is being used to simulate corporate networks and to train conference attendees on how to guard against network attacks. With VMware's virtual server capabilities, SANS IDNet planners are able to simulate five network segments with up to 20 servers and hosts.

"VMware's virtual computing software lets us plan and implement security training on a scale never before possible," said David Elfering, IDNet co-chair for SANS2002. "We're able to use fewer physical servers to simulate real networks, cutting down on our hardware resources and the amount of time it takes to set up each server."

With VMware software, SANS IDNet planners are able to quickly set up virtual networks, enabling them to plan complex, realistic security training scenarios. Additionally, conference attendees, who want to try actual attacks to learn how to protect against them, are using VMware software to effortlessly configure their computers so they can try these attacks. Attendees simply copy over and boot-up pre-configured environments thereby sparing them from the time-intensive process of manually configuring their computers for each environment.

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