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Serengeti Supporting Partner Quotes

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VMware Announces Open Source Project to Enable Apache Hadoop to Run on Private and Public Clouds



“As Apache Hadoop becomes more mainstream in the enterprise, customers are looking to use Hadoop in their private, public and hybrid clouds. Serengeti provides a great deployment and management toolkit to the community, and enables enterprises to run Hadoop in their cloud environments. Cloudera looks forward to working with VMware on these open-source contributions for Hadoop.”

- Mike Olson, Chief Executive Officer, Cloudera

Greenplum, a division of EMC

"We are extremely excited about the future of virtualized Hadoop, and consider VMware's contribution to the open source community with the release of Serengeti as an important step toward making Hadoop a more mature Big Data processing platform. With out-of-the-box support for SpringBatch and SpringIntegration, and now Serengeti, our combined technology will give our users the ability to deploy Greenplum HD in virtual or cloud environments."

- Josh Klahr, Vice President, Product Management, Greenplum, a division of EMC


 “VMware’s contributions to the open-source community provide significant value by enabling Apache Hadoop to run in today's virtualized data centers. The additions make Apache Hadoop more accessible to a broader class of enterprises, who can now benefit from deploying Hadoop in a virtualized or private cloud environment. Hortonworks is excited to be working with VMware to bring the benefits of virtualization to Apache Hadoop.”

- Rob Bearden, Chief Executive Officer, Hortonworks


“MapR welcomes VMware’s contributions to the community as this aligns with MapR’s vision to provide an easy, dependable and fast distribution for Hadoop.  Adding the benefits of virtualization and cloud infrastructure to M5 environments brings together VMware cloud infrastructure and our open-source contributions to the Hadoop community. This ultimately helps customers gain the benefits they are looking for from MapR’s advanced distribution for Hadoop running on VMware vSphere®.”

- John Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, MapR