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Partner Support for VMware View 3

Partner Support for VMware View 3

Alternative Technology
"View 3 will enable our VAR Partners to play a 'trusted advisor' role with their clients, helping them contain costs in the deployment, maintenance and security of end user desktops.  Datacenters can contain software provisioning and maintenance costs by pushing down patches, new releases and new applications to any mix of desktop devices (thin client, laptops or desktops) which are best suited to end user needs, rather than having to physically touch each device.  Deploying thin clients into call centers, for example, will also reduce power requirements and help increase security by eliminating local storage media device access to company data. Organizations can also invest and manage desktop deployments or migrations incrementally, rather than a costly 'rip and replace’ strategy."
—Tom Zorn, Executive Vice President, Alternative Technology

“Cisco and VMware are working together to improve the network performance of desktop virtualization so that our mutual customers can take advantage of the powerful benefits of our joint solutions. Through the integration of Cisco Application Networking technologies like the Application Control Engine (ACE) and Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solutions with VMware View 3 deployments, we can provide our joint customers with a more scaleable, high-performance and secure enterprise virtual desktop experience.”
—George Kurian, Vice President and General Manager, Application Delivery Business Unit, Cisco Systems

"VMware View Composer when coupled with EMC’s thin provisioning, snapshot and deduplication technologies increase storage efficiency for the client virtualization. This also results in improved deployment speed and centralized desktop backup and desktop disaster recovery functionality to provide the lowest cost of ownership customers are demanding that can’t be delivered via physical client solutions. EMC and VMware have been working on joint proven solutions and reference architectures with VMware View to provide mutual customers with the confidence, knowledge, and performance for scaling data needed to pave the way for efficient and successful virtual desktop projects – from hundreds to tens of thousands of clients."
—Chad Sakac, Senior Director, VMware Strategic Alliance, EMC

“HP is hearing from increasing numbers of customers around the world who are realizing that client virtualization can be a solution for many of their key business challenges, such as security or compliance. Through our long-standing partnership with VMware, HP will help drive the adoption of VMware View 3 as a complement to HP's broad portfolio of client virtualization solutions and an agent that can facilitate even faster and more cost-effective deployment of an integrated client virtualization architecture.”
—Roberto Moctezuma, Vice President and General Manager, Desktop Solutions Organization, HP

Ingram Micro
“The desktop virtualization market is experiencing tremendous growth as companies look to further simplify desktop management while maintaining tighter control over their corporate assets. VMware View 3 represents the next generation of virtual desktop infrastructure, and we look forward to continued work with VMware and our partners to deliver this value proposition to customers.”
—Jodi Honore, Vice President, Vendor Management, Ingram Micro Inc.

"Green, efficient, adaptive technology continues to become more critical within IT.  Desktop virtualization is one element within a dynamic IT infrastructure that addresses these issues.  And, as a leading global innovator, NEC looks forward to incorporating the advanced functionality of VMware View 3 into NEC Virtual PC Center - a complete virtual desktop solution that includes VMware View, servers, thin clients, monitors, keyboards, and integration.  NEC provides customers with a single point of contact for a complete front to back end virtual desktop solution."
—Marc Hafner, Vice President, Departmental Servers, IT Platform Group, NEC Corporation of America

“With the new features and components introduced in VMware View 3, VMware demonstrates that it is rapidly innovating to deliver powerful virtual desktop solutions. These virtual desktop enhancements work together with NetApp's unique capabilities to provide customers with improved virtual desktop performance while reducing desktop boot times and storage provisioning time. Furthermore, NetApp's ability to deduplicate redundant data across virtual desktops complements VMware View 3's efficient cloning capabilities, and further reduces the total cost of storage."
—Patrick Rogers, Vice President, Solutions Marketing, NetApp

Nth Generation Computing
“As a VMware partner, we felt that VMware VDI was already a very compelling solution for our customers. With the new features in VMware View 3, such as View Composer and Virtual Printing, it becomes an easy decision for any business serious about lowering costs and increasing agility and security at the desktop.”
—Justin Emerson, Nth Labs Engineer, Nth Generation Computing

Pano Logic
“Customers are rapidly adopting desktop and application virtualization to increase business agility and reduce desktop operational costs while minimizing risks to the business.  With VMware View 3, VMware has demonstrated that it is rapidly innovating to meet the needs of enterprise customers while enhancing end user experience. Using the Pano Virtual Desktop Solution from Pano Logic with VMware View helps organizations further reduce the TCO of typical desktops by leveraging Pano’s unique zero-client architecture to deliver a PC-like end user experience and help IT control confidential data.”
—Mike Fodor, Vice President, Product Management, Pano Logic

Sun Microsystems
“Customers are finding that desktop virtualization provides increased security, improved manageability and reduced costs. As part of Sun's commitment to enabling customer choice, Sun and VMware are collaborating to ensure interoperability and provide a complete solution that includes desktop, services, servers, and storage products. The combination of Sun's cutting-edge Sun Ray technology including our high-performance ALP protocol together with the innovative new features introduced in VMware View 3 offers customers an easy-to-deploy, thin client-based virtual desktop solution.”
—Bob Gianni, Senior Director, Desktop Systems Engineering, Sun Microsystems

"Customers are rapidly adopting desktop virtualization to increase business agility and reduce desktop operation costs while minimizing risks to the business. VMware View 3 provides the foundation for future integration of PCoIP technology, the only solution that includes both software and hardware options to achieve unique solutions such as secure zero client desktop appliances for delivering a true PC experience."
—Stuart Robinson, Director of Business Development, Teradici Corporation

“We are excited to announce our enhanced cooperation with VMware, as virtual printing is a natural next step to a fully integrated virtual desktop environment. Our technology powers a broad range of solutions, from smartphones in cutting-edge markets that are on the forefront of technology to most major infrastructure and network technologies in use today. This allows ThinPrint .print technology to be strategically integrated as a print solution in virtually any environment.”
—Charlotte Künzell, Senior Vice President, ThinPrint

Wyse Technology
"Customers are rapidly adopting client and application virtualization to increase business agility and reduce desktop and mobile operational costs while minimizing risks for the business. With VMware View 3, VMware has added support for Wyse collaborative processing architecture, which we believe is key to meeting the enterprise needs of customers - enhancing end user experience without negatively impacting datacenter size. Wyse thin clients support this advanced architecture within VMware View to help further reduce the TCO and environmental impact of desktops and datacenters while providing a rich, PC-like end user experience for users. As such, this joint solution can help IT take better control of confidential data for all, including its most demanding users."
—Ricardo Antuna, Vice President, Product Management, Wyse Technology