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Industry Comments on VMware Management Solutions

Industry Comments on VMware Management Solutions

amasol AG

"IT departments are under increasing pressure to deliver powerful and robust IT services that support key business processes, meet end users' exceedingly high performance expectation and deliver value back to the business. The VMware IT Business Management Suite will provide our customers with the perfect solution. It provides visibility into how IT is performing as a business, giving general management full visibility into the cost of IT as a Service."
—Wolfgang Bachmann, chief strategy officer, amasol AG (Germany)

Empowered Networks

"Only with strong IT management – which includes tools, people and processes – can the promise of increased agility and business alignment be realized. VMware management tools are an important part of our offering. When combined with our services, they enable us to offer customers a robust and complete solution to accelerate their journey to cloud and optimize their investment in virtualization."
—Stephen Galbraith, vice president, Empowered Networks (Canada)


"For our customers who are expanding their virtual environment or migrating to hybrid cloud systems, comprehensive infrastructure management is a top priority. Customers are looking for scalable solutions that provide enhanced visibility, ease of use and faster problem resolution through effective root-cause analysis. Solutions such as VMware vCenter™ Operations Management Suite help IT organizations manage their environment more efficiently and proactively respond to issues before they affect users."
—Joe Rueda, vice president, Forsythe (United States)

Fox IT

"Significant changes in technology are revolutionizing the way IT services are delivered, managed and consumed. One of the most compelling benefits the cloud delivers is the ability to automate user requests for services. The VMware Service Manager Cloud Provisioning solution for VMware vCloud® Director is just one example of a technology that will dramatically simplify a cloud user's experience and empower organizations to realize the benefits of cloud more quickly."
—Paul Speers, managing director, Fox IT (United Kingdom)


"FusionStorm customers are looking for ways to simplify operations management. VMware vCenter™ Operations Manager provides the ideal level of automation, policy-based control and simplified management customers require. VMware helps customers ensure service-level performance while optimizing their overall infrastructure capacity."
—Vince Conroy, chief technology officer, FusionStorm (United States)


"VMware vCenter™ Operations Management Suite is essential for VMware customers migrating to a cloud strategy.  It provides the tools needed for IT automation and process control of virtualized resources.  By leveraging VMware vCenter Operations Manager, IIS will transform today's existing IT infrastructure to meet tomorrow's business requirements of a flexible, automated environment."
—John Iacone, president and co-founder, International integrated Solutions, Ltd. (United States)

J9 Technologies

"Many of J9's customers, who are migrating to hybrid cloud models and deploying modern, multi-tiered applications, cite the complexity of managing these applications as a top concern. VMware is taking a fresh approach to application management, empowering application and operations teams to manage ongoing daily operations, proving the cost of application services back to the business while at the same time lowering the total cost of ownership." 
—Clay Roach, president and CEO of J9 Technologies (United States)


"Transitioning customers' mission-critical applications from traditional IT environments into the cloud requires customers to measure and monitor the total cost of ownership. VMware management technologies offer our customers a cost-effective way to test the cloud concept."
—Henry Fastert, chief technologist and managing partner, SHI Enterprise Solution Services (United States)