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Economic Value of VMware Cloud on AWS | VMware

Roger Fortier

Bringing the Business and Economic Value of VMware Cloud on AWS to Life

VMware Customers and Partners Share Their Stories

Never have so many organizations been forced to transform so quickly at a moment’s notice. Building new digital services. Scaling business-critical apps. Deploying a remote workforce. Maintaining continuous availability and delivery of resources. Applications sit at the core to addressing these challenges. VMware Cloud on AWS is supporting enterprise applications needs for scale, performance, and availability.

The hybrid cloud service makes it fast, seamless, and simple for customers to move to the cloud and achieve demonstrable TCO, as evidenced by these stories:

    • A government healthcare IT organization in EMEA deployed 1,200 seats of Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS with the ability to scale up to 40,000 seats to enable healthcare professionals to take care of patients remotely during the health crisis.
    • North American home loan and mortgage processing company reduced CAPEX by moving 350 VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS in just a few days to shutdown secondary disaster recovery site while maintaining same day-to-day infrastructure and operations.
    • Leading auto financing and leasing services company realized 83 percent in annual cost savings totaling $5.3M per year and avoided the significant expense associated with acquiring new hardware and leasing space in a larger on-prem data center by moving to VMware Cloud on AWS.
    • A leading provider of personal loans in Latin America reduced time to market for business services from 18 to six months while maintaining a 99.99% service level of uptime in the cloud, including cloud back up, by moving to VMware Cloud on AWS.
    • A leading independent private university migrated more than 700 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, including 200 VMs in 96 hours, with zero refactoring in just nine days using VMware HCX.
    • A European energy company operating in 35 countries across 5 continents reduced costs by 30 percent by migrating 1000’s of VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS. Company also migrated 200GB of data in one hour.
    • Leading global financial services company reduced costs by extending data center to VMware Cloud on AWS, migrating entire development environment of 100 VMs in 10 days.
    • A European-based market research company migrated 1,000 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, in six weeks to help rapidly extend services globally without buying additional datacenter infrastructure.
    • A global technology conference that needed elastic capacity to support event was able to burst 28,000 VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS (40% more that prior year) over a few days with 100 percent uptime.
    • A leading Canadian financial services company is expected to realize $3M in CAPEX savings, improve operational efficiencies and modernize its overall infrastructure by migrating a subsidiary to VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Partners Build Their VMware Cloud on AWS Business

Many new applications will be deployed to public cloud. Many existing applications will be migrated to public cloud. But not all of them. As organizations migrate to the cloud to meet pressing business continuity requirements and modernize their applications and infrastructure, VMware partners are playing a critical and strategic role in helping customers through their cloud journey. VMware Cloud on AWS gives partners a powerful hybrid cloud service available globally, with the same foundation customers use today in their data center. Hear how partners are helping their customers succeed, while growing their own cloud businesses.

FACTION is a leading multi-cloud data services provider and managed service provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, and was the first to offer cloud-attached storage solutions that integrates natively with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Matt Wallace, CTO of FACTION, said, “FACTION has more than three years of success in helping customers with production deployments for use cases ranging from disaster recovery to multicloud data solutions. As an example, FACTION helped a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas firm modernize disaster recovery for hundreds of VMs and petabytes of data, while enabling additional big data analytics applications to run in the cloud leveraging the same data."

Presidio is a leading IT solutions provider assisting clients in harnessing technology innovation and simplifying IT complexity to digitally transform their businesses and drive return on IT investment. The company holds a VMware Master Services Competency in VMware Cloud on AWS.

Mark Vaughn, engineering director, integrated solutions at Presidio, said, “One of the biggest challenges we see customers trying to solve with VMware Cloud on AWS is disaster recovery. They see their DR requirements growing, however, building out an actual data center to support DR is very difficult and very expensive. For one of our healthcare customers, we delivered a true on-demand DR solution that combined VMware Cloud on AWS with VMware Site Recovery. This solution gave them much more flexibility than their legacy DR set up, which they could only test twice a year. With VMware Cloud on AWS, they could test as often as they wanted, and as many workloads as they wanted, and had the ability to grow and shrink the environment as business needs required.”

RoundTower Technologies is both a VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency partner and managed service provider. They deliver innovative solutions and services in the areas of public and hybrid cloud, modern applications and DevOps, end user computing, cybersecurity, ServiceNow and modern datacenter technologies.

Andre Wu, vice president of Solutions & Services at RoundTower said, “VMware Cloud on AWS offers the fastest path to cloud with the least amount of risk. Our clients have been singularly focused on the velocity of their migration to cloud for a variety of use cases. For a $5B web-based retailer, we implemented non-disruptive disaster recovery for all corporate systems in less than 3 weeks. For a financial services firm we migrated 180 applications and large oracle databases in less than 5 months to help them exit 2 datacenters and retire expensive legacy infrastructure. Overall, VMware Cloud on AWS provides an accelerated opportunity to transform how enterprises deliver technology services and value to their business and clients.”

SHI International Corp., which holds a VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency, is an $11 billion global provider of technology products and services delivering custom IT solutions to corporate, enterprise, public sector, and academic customers.

Jon Palmer, Solutions Engineering Manager at SHI, said, “Working with one of our customers in the Life Sciences industry, SHI designed, architected and onboarded the customer to VMware Cloud on AWS to replace their data center infrastructure with a new security-focused solution. We helped the customer successfully bulk-migrate 180 VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS in rapid fashion to meet the customer’s tight deadline, all within budget. The migration was seamless, eliminated the need to refactor applications and enabled them to leverage their existing VMware skillsets.”

Rackspace Technology is a leading end-to-end multicloud technology services company and a VMware Principal Level Partner. The company designs, builds, and operates customers’ cloud environments across all major technology platforms, irrespective of technology stack or deployment model.

Adrianna Bustamante, senior director of strategic alliances at Rackspace Technology, said, “VMware Cloud on AWS has allowed us to help our customers quickly adapt to the crisis and support not only a remote workforce, but the unexpected demands on IT utilization. For example, a North American financial institution is able to address the daily spikes in utilization of a significantly expanded remote workforce. Through scale on-demand, they double their VMware Cloud on AWS capacity every morning within minutes and then just as quickly, they scale back down in the evening when utilization is low, saving them over ten thousand dollars per month. Many of our VMware Cloud on AWS customers are seeing savings up to 40 percent or more.”