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Building an Inclusive Culture: Our D&I Journey

Shanis Windland
Damion Hamilton

As “social distancing” and “sheltering in place” become our new normal, it’s so important that we connect and share our fears, struggles and hopefully small wins. 

For example, I find it difficult lately to jump into a video call without first acknowledging the issues we’re all dealing with, such as:

  • Home-schooling children.
  • Helping at-risk or critically ill friends and family.
  • The mental stress of dealing with such an unknown global situation. 

Even as I write this article, I’m thinking about new ways to better connect with my colleagues across the globe, from watercooler calls to virtual coffee breaks. Communicating and making sure everyone has a voice and a support network is vital.

We are all evolving as we enter unchartered waters together. That’s why building a diverse company with an inclusive culture and community is even more critical.

Reflecting on VMware’s D&I Journey

I’ve said in the past that diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a journey, and one that is a business priority at VMware. To help us on this journey, we released our latest D&I report.

We have a lot to celebrate at VMware. Our community and culture is strong. However, we know there is more work to do, so we are continuing to take an agile approach to D&I. We view transparency as one of the keys to improving our culture, so you’ll see our metrics in the report that help us identify our areas of focus for 2020.

But first, I want to highlight three new D&I programs we recently rolled out at VMware. 

1. Inclusive Leadership Initiative

We recently launched our Inclusive Leadership initiative, piloting inclusion training and giving leaders tools and resources on how to build a sense of belonging and community within their teams. We know that reinforcing inclusive leadership as a critical skill is important to our long- term success.

2. Getting Real Series

We’re also tackling a variety of topics, like race and privilege through our “Getting Real” series, with the goal to break down barriers and normalize topics that were once taboo in the workplace. All this with the goal to build an even more inclusive community.

3. Accessibility Week

We’re also leaning into accessibility. We recently launched our first Accessibility Week, which included a hackathon. VMware engineers developed prototypes to improve the accessibility of our internal products, systems and tools to enhance communication and user experience for people with disabilities. 

Want to get an overview of VMware’s D&I mission and programs? Visit us at


Creating a D&I Culture for All—Everywhere

I’m proud to be part of VMware’s D&I journey and supporting our employees, partners and communities across the globe. I encourage you to read our latest D&I report and visit our webpage to learn more.

Because today, it’s not only about creating a diverse and inclusive culture in the office. It’s also about creating a safe and supportive community wherever we may be working.