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VMware’s Commitment to Nonprofit Digital Transformation | VMware

Jessamine Chin

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of technologies and behaviors, like a distributed workforce, that can be widely beneficial. However, we also have seen significant setbacks, especially for historically marginalized communities, exacerbating existing inequities in our society.

The repercussions of COVID-19, ongoing disasters, and social unrest in 2020 have strained nonprofit operations when their services are needed most, especially by vulnerable populations. Nonprofit organizations that hadn’t yet invested in technology have been forced into a digital transition to keep serving their communities.

Now more than ever, we need to support nonprofits in their digital journey to accelerate their impact.

Recognizing the diversity and range of needs of the 12 million nonprofit organizations around the world, VMware has a three-pronged approach to advancing nonprofits’ digital transformation:

  1. Investing in nonprofit’s digital journey through sector-wide resources.
  2. Strengthening organizational capacity through pro bono service learning.
  3. Enabling nonprofits to progress in their digital maturity by increasing ability to access VMware solutions.

VMware initially supported strengthening nonprofit’s organizational capacity with the launch of its first pro bono service learning program in 2012. We’ve continued to build upon that work. Here are our most recent updates:

1. Investing in nonprofit’s digital journey through sector-wide resources.
  • Supporting organizations rapid adjustment to remote service delivery due to COVID-19.
    The COVID-19 Response Fund supports grassroots nonprofits in making critical technology investments, while continuing to serve the most vulnerable communities through the crisis and into the future.
  • Leading a multi-company effort to develop a nonprofit digital assessment roadmap.
    TechSoup Global and VMware, along with Okta, Box, Cisco and Adobe, launched its Digital Transformation Initiative by announcing the development of a nonprofit digital transformation roadmap. The tool will provide nonprofits with a customized digital blueprint and tangible next steps based on each organization’s needs.
  • Increasing global access to resources to design and implement technology solutions.
    VMware also invested in TechSoup’s growth capital campaign to expand TechSoup’s reach to serve 1.7 million organizations around the world.
  • Developing a practical guide to more effective and sustainable technology pro bono.
    The Taproot Foundation and VMware Foundation collaborated to explore how we can better address social sector needs with pro bono technical talent. Transforming Technology Pro Bono is the final compilation of how to discover, design, implement and maintain a more sustainable solution that meets nonprofit needs.
2. Strengthening nonprofit capacity through pro bono service learning.
3. Enabling nonprofits to progress in their digital maturity by increasing ability to access VMware solutions.
  • Supporting nonprofit customers in amplifying their impact.
    Members of the Office of the CTO Ambassadors program, in partnership with the VMware Foundation, created Nonprofit Connect with the goal of building a feedback loop with VMware’s nonprofit customers. Responding to nonprofit customer input, the Nonprofit Connect team also created this guide of free VMware education and enablement resources.
  • Supporting nonprofits with high need to access VMware solutions.
    TechSoup began offering VMware vSphere and vCenter Server to eligible U.S. nonprofits in the TechSoup community.
  • Designing and building technology with nonprofit customers.
    VMware Pivotal Act is a program that partners with nonprofit customers at a discounted rate to research, design and develop practical solutions to pressing challenges around the world.

At VMware, we are committed to accelerating nonprofit impact through digital transformation. We remain optimistic that technology can help address the most pressing societal issues when integrated with existing processes and in partnership with the people working most closely to the challenges.

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