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Redesigning VMware Customer Connect™ with Connect AI for Simplified Digital Experience

Mike Olingy

Customers now have a new and innovative way to engage with VMware. VMware Customer Connect is a rebranded and updated release of My VMware designed to unify and simplify customers’ digital experience. The newly updated portal integrates digital engagements for Connect Communities, Connect Knowledge, Connect Learning, Connect Support and Connect Success. With VMware Customer ConnectTM, customers can:

  • Find content for any use case, problem or question with a unified search experience.
  • Interact and get help from other customers through the community.
  • Become a VMware expert and get certified with on-demand or instructor-led training.
  • Download VMware products and manage licenses.
  • Create and manage support requests.
  • Manage entitlements, funds and team members.

The brain power behind Customer Connect is Connect AI. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to help customers find resolutions faster. The technology anticipates needs and provides automated virtual assistance to seamlessly guides customers to the resources they need.

What Does Customer Connect Include?

Customer Connect includes five major components, with Connect AI’s intelligence layer underpinning the entire platform.

1. Connect Knowledge

Connect Knowledge is a content library that enables customers to self-solve. The frictionless self-solve experience extends across all the digital platforms—Knowledge Base Articles, TechZone, product documentation, blogs and more.

Our experience team will also use Customer Connect information and experiences to continuously refine, improve and create self-solve content for customers.

2. Connect Communities

Customers access VMware forums to unlock answers to their most pressing questions. Thousands of VMware experts and customers will build collaborative knowledge by:

  • Posting questions and getting guidance from other VMware customers and employees.
  • Sharing experiences with VMware and helping others on their journeys.
  • Gaining visibility into trending discussions relevant to the products they care about.
  • Receive community recommendations based on their use cases and needs.

3. Connect Learning

Customers can keep their skills current and advance their career. Formerly known as VMware Learning Zone, Connect Learning offers a wide variety of content to boost customers’ knowledge and take them to the next level in their VMware journey.

In Connect Learning, customers can consume courses, take exams and track certifications. Additionally, they can choose from a plethora of rich content, such as live webinars, recorded events, instructional courses, how-to videos, exam preps and on-demand labs.

4. Connect Support

Customers now have easy, fast and intuitive ways to perform support-related tasks. Powered by advanced ML models, Connect Support learns about VMware products through iterative training by our most experienced engineers. Then, the platform uses this knowledge to assist customers in troubleshooting, capturing key details of an issue through dynamic intelligent prompts, and routing cases to the most qualified engineer. Connect Support features include:

  • Intelligent detection and natural language classification of products, versions and problem categories for more accurate support.
  • Content recommendations from a plethora of sources that are constantly and intelligently tuned for relevance by Connect AI.
  • Real-time prompts that guide customers on the information needed when filling out a support request for a speedy resolution.
  • Control who can update support request information within the portal and receive email updates through the watch list feature.

5. Connect Success

This exclusive space is for customers who have purchased VMware Success 360. Connect Success is where they will access their prescriptive success plan to drive toward their objectives. Connect Success is targeted for integration into Customer Connect in a CYQ2 release.

New Features Within Customer Connect

The initial release of Customer Connect includes new features designed to enhance customer experience, including:

  • One-click efficiency with App Launcher. Customers can quickly find the apps they need and customize the My Apps navigation panel to include the apps used most frequently. Some examples include: Product downloads, managing users and permissions, license management, Knowledge Base, customer tools.
  • Redesigned sitewide navigation to enable customers to get the features needed in a single click.
  • Single sign-on enhancements to enable other VMware applications to quickly integrate with the VMware ID for a seamless experience.
  • TechZone and Connect Learning content added to unified search with advanced filtering capabilities.
  • Virtual assistant integrated with support request filings. This guided experience efficiently gathers all the information needed and routes support cases to the right engineers.

The TAM Services Portal with single sign-on is now available within the app launcher, providing customers with a seamless experience within Customer Connect.

Experience Customer Connect Now

Go to Customer Connect now to experience this new digital platform yourself.

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