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VMware’s Culture Is Built on EPIC2 Values

VMware Staff

Technology companies aggressively compete for talent, and tech campuses are known for amenities like gourmet coffee, unlimited snacks and fitness centers. Companies use strong compensation packages and perks to recruit top talent. But it takes more than incentives to build a strong corporate culture.

The younger generation of workers, in particular, value a strong company culture. And money isn’t their sole concern. Opportunities for learning and development are important, as is a balance between personal and professional life. Employers that prioritize and understand these preferences are able to attract top talent.

Mentors, Not Bosses

New generations of employees are attracted to strong company cultures. But they're also known to respond differently to traditional authority. This can upset the status quo in companies with conventional reporting structures.

The newest generation of talent are team players, preferring approachable leaders who encourage and guide them. Encouraging mentorship-type relationships between millennials and other generations can be an effective strategy for encouraging engagement. Mentorship opportunities like this go a long way in positively impacting a company’s culture.

Make It EPIC2

VMware's culture is based on a set of shared values expressed through the acronym EPIC2: execution, passion, integrity, customers and community.

  • Execution is a core value that encourages collaboration and high standards. VMware teams debate and discuss, and then get things done. Egos are checked at the door, and shared work is focused on impact, quality and efficiency.
  • Passion means challenging the status quo. VMware people are encouraged to follow their curiosity and the pursuit of the seemingly impossible to continuously make things better for customers, products and each other.
  • Integrity focuses on building trust. Employees are expected to say what they do and do what they say. The company encourages peers to build and nurture relationships with one another, customers, partners, shareholders and the community—without taking anything for granted.
  • Customers make it possible. They are core to VMware’s mission. The innovation that flows out of VMware frees customers from constraints and enables organizations of all types to meet their toughest technological challenges.
  • Community acknowledges connection. Employees are encouraged to approach each other with open minds and humble hearts. Opportunities to serve by dedicating time, talent and energy are plentiful.

It’s not unusual for a company to develop a set of core values. VMware stands out because its values are a living, dynamic part of the workplace—a major reason the company earns "top employer" recognitions every year.

EPIC2 Achievement Awards

Each year, VMware honors extraordinary employees through its EPIC2 Achievement Awards program. Individuals are recognized for their ability to regularly go above and beyond the company’s high standards and for demonstrating a remarkable quality of character. Their dedication to projects, customers and fellow team members represents great leadership—people who can inspire and motivate, especially during times of transformation and change.

Once a year, recipients of the award are chosen by VMware’s executive team and celebrated at an all-hands meeting. This recognition and reinforcement brings the company’s values to life and makes them a living, tangible part of the community.

New Decade, Renewed Commitment

u003cpu003eVMware commits to achieving 30x30, 30 goals by 2030.u003c/pu003e
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