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AirWatch to Deliver User Privacy and Product Innovations That Drive Business Mobility

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - September 22, 2015) -

  • Enhanced AirWatch Privacy First program brings transparency and education to administrators and end users
  • New Windows 10 support available today brings bulk provisioning, support for Win32 and Universal apps, new device management policies and more to customers
  • AirWatch Connect keynote to highlight expanded OS support, easier workflows and new integrations for enterprise readiness

Today at AirWatch® Connect™, the leading event in enterprise mobility, AirWatch will showcase new business mobility solutions that are designed to drive innovation for customers and help transform their business. On stage at the event, AirWatch and VMware executives will highlight the AirWatch platform as the most complete to deliver the future of mobile-cloud. AirWatch will also announce a heightened focus on user privacy education, updates to Windows 10 enablement and product enhancements that simplify the delivery of any application to any device.

"As the leader in enterprise mobility management, we continue to relentlessly innovate for our customers," said John Marshall, senior vice president and general manager, AirWatch. "Today, we are building a platform for the next phase of mobility -- providing the tools to transform organizations and deliver true business transformation. We deliver consumer simple, enterprise secure solutions with user privacy in mind, and are working with our customers to define the future of what's possible with business mobility."

A platform purposefully designed for user privacy
Organizations planning to embrace enterprise mobility are concerned with slower rates of end-user adoption due to privacy fears. The AirWatch Privacy First program will offer expanded privacy education and transparency with a specific focus on organizational compliance along with end-user transparency and choice. Privacy has consistently been a core pillar for AirWatch, and an expanded commitment to education and transparency with enterprise- and end-user-facing resources will empower IT administrators and end-users alike.

  • For the enterprise, AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management™ (EMM) solutions provide simple administrative configurations for data privacy and policy management to help IT administrators maintain compliance.
  • For end-users, new online resources will provide educational information about AirWatch data collection and privacy policies. This transparency offers end-users greater awareness and understanding of the security features AirWatch solutions provide on their devices.

Expanding the platform of choice for business mobility
Further building upon this leadership position, AirWatch is introducing enhanced support for Windows 10 and new capabilities in its EMM solution that will enable unified endpoint management with increased support for operating systems and devices. AirWatch customers can today take advantage of new capabilities in Windows 10, including:

  • Azure Active Directory integration to enable simplified onboarding experiences for company- and employee-owned devices. Azure AD join allows devices to be automatically enrolled into management by AirWatch and can be initiated through the Out of Box Experience on a store bought device without the need for assistance from IT. To support BYOD initiatives, end users can add a work account to enable simple and secure access to organization resources.
  • Bulk provisioning options to enable IT to easily configure a general purpose device without the need to re-image for organizational use.
  • Support for Win32 and Universal apps to deliver even more applications from a single, unified EMM platform.
  • Device management policies to simplify device configuration and enable secure access to company resources. New policies include native email configuration, advanced VPN configuration including per-app VPN, enforcement of security settings, device functionality configurations and much more.

Read more about the new Windows 10 capabilities available today on the AirWatch Blog.

Moving beyond individual productivity to business transformation
Organizations are eager to shift from simply delivering individual productivity on mobile devices to truly transforming business processes through mobile. The VMware Business Mobility Report1 confirmed this shift and found that nearly 70 percent of businesses are actively re-engineering or planning to re-engineer a mission critical application for mobile employees in the immediate future.

AirWatch continues its rapid pace of innovation to support this business transformation with new solutions and partnerships that include:

  • iBeacon support in AirWatch for administrators to define beacons to represent a specific location or area. The iBeacons get mapped to policies within AirWatch, such as profiles and configurations, to dynamically change configurations. This allows a device to automatically change configurations and applications based on where the device is physically within a facility.
  • Dynamic conditional access to business-critical applications through VMware Identity Manager™. Conditional access grants permission to corporate applications in VMware Identity Manager only if the device is not compromised. AirWatch automatically disables access to applications if the device is compromised and concurrently takes compliance actions to enforce remediation.
  • The launch of the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance which gives customers trusted and vetted security options that are seamlessly integrated into the AirWatch platform. Security industry leaders such as Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Technologies and FireEye are among the 10 charter security vendors joining the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance.
  • The addition of more than 20 new application innovators to ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise), the community to drive native application standards.

AirWatch Privacy First resources are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2015. Enhanced support for Windows 10 and new capabilities in AirWatch EMM are available today.


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About the VMware Business Mobility Report
1The VMware Business Mobility Report is an annual study released July 2015 that examines the state of business mobility among global organizations across industries. Data represents a survey of business decision makers (BDMs) and IT practitioners to examine the worldwide progress in transitioning from the client-server era to the mobile cloud era. To read about other industry trends identified by the VMware Business Mobility Report, visit Radius.

About AirWatch
AirWatch is the leader in enterprise mobility management, with more than 16,000 global customers. The AirWatch by VMware™ platform includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content and browser management solutions. Organizations can implement these solutions across device types and use cases, including complete EMM for corporate and line of business deployments, and containerized solutions for bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Acquired by VMware in February 2014, AirWatch is based in Atlanta and can be found online at VMware is headquartered in Silicon Valley and can be found online at

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