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AppConfig Welcomes New App Leaders to Its Community

With More Than 60 Member Companies, the AppConfig Community's Mission Is to Drive Mobile App Adoption in Business

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) - Today at Mobile World Congress, the AppConfig Community announced 16 application leaders have joined the community dedicated to streamlining the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise apps. App leaders Communication Security Group (Cellcrypt and Seecrypt), Fliplet, Inkscreen, Keeper Security, Inc., M-Files Corporation, MobileDay, Mobile Reach, MobiSystems, PatientSafe Solutions, ProntoForms, Qlik, QliqSOFT, Inc., TeamWire, Telerik, Vaporstream and Vigilant Applications are the newest members to commit to the AppConfig Community best practices. In all, more than 60 AppConfig Community members are working together to help streamline enterprise app development and deployment.

The AppConfig Community is supported by Apple's mobility partners and promotes enterprise app adoption based on OS-level APIs. AppConfig best practices streamline enterprise app development and simplifies app adoption for businesses and users. Leveraging AppConfig Community tools and best practices, software vendors can build and maintain just a single version of their application for a broad set of use cases through participating EMM vendors. Developers can reduce the time and cost associated with building enterprise-ready, EMM vendor neutral solutions without the need for propriety SDK's and app wrappers.

With apps developed using AppConfig Community tools and best practices, enterprises can embrace mobile programs while leveraging existing investments in EMM, VPN and identity solutions. Businesses deploying these apps can also take advantage of automated app configuration, app tunneling, single sign-on, security policies and access control without the need for additional coding. End users get a native app experience and one-tap access to their business apps.

Together, the AppConfig Community members are making it easier for developers and customers to drive mobility in business. To learn more about the AppConfig Community, visit

Supporting Quotes
"For enterprises, the wide-spread use of consumer based messaging platforms represent a major threat to an organization's security," said Harvey Boulter, chairman, Communication Security Group (CSG). "CSG's security technologies, Cellcrypt and Seecrypt, provide the highest level of protection against call and message interception. By partnering with leading EMMs on AppConfig, together we can offer a complete solution for enterprises to secure their mobile devices as well as all of their text and voice communications -- whilst also providing significant cost savings."

"Our customers are using mobile apps to increase sales, reduce costs and boost efficiency in all areas of their business," said Ian Broom, CEO, Fliplet. "Customers can build apps in just a couple of hours with Fliplet -- time is very important when apps are performing a critical function. With AppConfig best practices, apps can be secured and distributed to employees in minutes, enabling our speed and quality of delivery to be maintained as our customers expand their mobile app uses."

"Inkscreen is building a reputation for delivering secure mobile solutions enabling the capture and management of sensitive business content such as photos, videos, and documents," said Josh Bohls, founder and president, Inkscreen. "As a member of the AppConfig Community, our secure content capture app, CAPTOR, formerly known as PhotoInk, can more easily be deployed and managed across enterprise and government customers."

"Keeper is a mobile-first company that is committed to securing corporate credentials and sensitive information," said Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder, Keeper Security, Inc. "Deploying Keeper Enterprise through AppConfig best practices will make it easier for IT professionals to provision through leading EMM solutions. We are thrilled to work with the AppConfig Community members to drive greater adoption of essential applications by global enterprises as we make the mobile ecosystem more convenient and secure."

"M-Files is a pioneer in leveraging metadata to deliver a more precise, intelligent and ultimately more effective enterprise information management solution," said Mika Javanainen, senior director of product management, M-Files Corporation. "We're happy to be a part of AppConfig and to be part of an ongoing effort to enhance the mobile content management experience for the global workforce."

"MobileDay allows people to connect to any conference call or online meeting, from any device, with just one tap," said Anthony Claudia, chief product officer, MobileDay. "As investors in employee's connectivity and productivity, we are thrilled that many of the application adoption difficulties encountered by IT departments are being addressed by AppConfig. An open standard will vastly improve the rate by which organizations can adopt business-relevant productivity applications, and facilitate their integration."

"Mobile Reach Splitware allows organizations to rapidly build and deploy mobile apps that extend backend enterprise applications to their workers in the field," said Justin Boeckler, CTO and founding partner, Mobile Reach. "With AppConfig, we are solving a usability challenge by allowing our customers to leverage their existing MDM infrastructure in order to preconfigure Splitware Applications, resulting in relieving friction and making it quicker and easier for end users to start using and benefiting from their Mobile Reach Splitware apps."

"We are seeing an increased number of business customers reaching out to us for our document editing solution, OfficeSuite, with the added security features of trusted EMM providers," said Nikolay Kussovski, CTO, MobiSystems. "This growing demand focused our attention on the AppConfig Community as a means to offer one solution to all our current and potential business partners. In addition to simplifying the development process, the AppConfig Community would allow us to speed up rollout for our product and offer a secure mobile office environment that our customers require. We are confident that this open standard will significantly improve the mobile collaboration experience for our customers."

"With the AppConfig Community and EMM vendors, we've been able to create rapid deployment and upgrade processes for hospital and health system roll-out of our PatientTouch® Communications application on smartphone devices," said Steve Baum, vice president of product, PatientSafe Solutions. "Our clinical communications platform supports thousands of clinicians every day and has become the standard for how care teams collaborate efficiently to deliver quality patient care. It is rewarding to deliver the value of a clinical mobility network as well as offer time-saving IT administrative solutions that eliminate interruptions for clinicians."

"We are very excited to become part of AppConfig," said Glenn Chenier, vice president of research and development, ProntoForms. "As mobile solutions become integral to how we do business, it's important to recognize the need to set a standard for security. With thousands of companies relying on ProntoForms to handle their data securely and consistently, we're committed to providing a secure, enterprise-ready solution they can rely on."

"There are many mobile BI tools on the market, and more are on the way. Many of these products are marketed based on one key attribute: they look great," said Mike Foster, vice president of strategic partners, Qlik. "But it's important to consider that the core to a successful mobile BI deployment in any enterprise environment is the need to securely configure mobile applications. Qlik is excited to support the AppConfig initiative as it aligns with our vision of open standards for enterprise mobility while helping us continue to build a product that can serve all of our users' needs."

"We designed our qliqCONNECT app to be the most secure text-based communication tool facilitating collaboration between physicians and nurses," said Krishna Kurapati, CEO, QliqSOFT, Inc. "This is an exciting time for the mobile healthcare workforce as we partner with participating EMM vendors to support the standardization of secure enterprise implementation through AppConfig."

"Teamwire sees increasing demand from businesses for our fast, easy to use and secure enterprise messaging app in order to increase productivity and improve internal communications in the mobile era," said Tobias Stepan, Managing Director, Teamwire. "With interoperability into leading EMM solutions we are able to set high standards for usability and security when deploying and managing enterprise applications. AppConfig offers customers a simplified and scalable IT rollout and company-wide security and compliance for today's mobile workforce."

"Telerik Platform enables developers to create cross-platform mobile apps with JavaScript -- and a logical extension of that is securing these apps," said Brandon Satrom, general manager, developer platforms and tools, Telerik, A Progress Company. "We look forward to working with these leading EMM vendors to leverage AppConfig best practices to provide an enterprise-grade security solution for our customers around the world."

"The collaboration between leading EMM vendors and Vaporstream provides customers with the ability to communicate in a secure, confidential and ephemeral manner," said Galina Datskovsky, CEO Vaporstream. "By implementing AppConfig best practices we enable enterprise level mobile deployment for security and retention policies as well as single sign on, meeting corporate governance and compliance requirements -- all critical for today's business."

"Organizations across a broad range of sectors rely upon Vigilant Applications to meet their information governance, risk and compliance requirements and guard against the insider threat," said Michael Williams, co-founder and director, Vigilant Applications. "We are therefore delighted to have been invited to participate in the AppConfig Community, working with leading EMM vendors in implementing standards to enhance the deployment and security of the rapidly growing range of applications used by today's mobile workforces."

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