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VMware ThinApp Provides ChildPlus with Solutions that are Affordable, Easy-to-Use, and Years Ahead of Their Competition

VMware ThinApp Provides ChildPlus with Solutions that are Affordable, Easy-to-Use, and Years Ahead of Their Competition

Educational Software Company Leverages ThinApp to Offer ‘Head Start’ Agencies the Richness of Windows-based Software and the Convenience of Web-based User Access

PALO ALTO, Calif. – January 13, 2009– VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, today announced that ChildPlus Software is using VMware ThinApp to make its industry-leading, Windows-based software accessible via the Internet.  ChildPlus’ software is used by more than 700 Head Start programs nationwide that serve more than 350,000 children.

ChildPlus is the leading provider of program-management software to the charities, community action groups, county governments, and faith-based organizations that run Head Start programs in the United States.  Head Start is funded by the federal government and provides education, health, nutrition, and parental support services to low-income children and their families.  Before adopting VMware ThinApp, ChildPlus faced a significant business challenge that was affecting its market penetration.  Head Start program administrators wanted the functionality and robustness of a Windows-based solution, however, the IT groups were pushing for a web-based solution that was easy to implement and manage.  ChildPlus had to deliver a solution that met the needs of both groups or it risked losing market share.

“ThinApp solved a huge business problem for us and has given us an enormous competitive advantage,” said David McMurrain, president of ChildPlus Software.  “Our Windows-based software is literally years ahead of our competitors.  But, many Head Start programs are unable to devote extensive IT resources to managing a client/server solution.  So, we simply wrap our Windows-based client in ThinApp.  Our customers can download it from our website and run it running with a few mouse clicks.  They don’t have to worry about software updates, patches, version control or any other desktop headaches.”

Jim Clark, director of software development at ChildPlus, added, “If we had been forced to scrap our Windows solution, it would’ve taken two years to create a web product from scratch and it would have cost millions of dollars.  Even then, there’s no way a web product would be as feature-rich or robust as  I can’t overstate the value of VMware ThinApp.  It’s been a critical factor in our sustained leadership in our market segment.”

McMurrain and Clark noted numerous other benefits of VMware ThinApp they hadn’t anticipated.  It has eliminated the need to develop and maintain installation software.  It has eliminated the need to create and distribute CDs.  It has helped boost sales by enabling prospective customers to easily evaluate the product via the Internet.  And, it has eliminated hours of technical preparation that had been required for each on-site demonstration and training session.

Prior to selecting VMware ThinApp, ChildPlus considered virtualization options from Microsoft and other companies.  However, ChildPlus found no other solution that could match VMware’s reliability, ease-of-use, and performance.  In fact, customer calls to the ChildPlus helpdesk have dropped significantly due to the simplified usability made possible by ThinApp.

Andy Nigro, director of new product development and marketing at ChildPlus, commented, “We have a big responsibility.  We serve over one-third of all Head Start agencies in the country.  VMware ThinApp has enabled us to provide a solution that meets the needs of the people who work with the kids as well as the people who have to keep the lights on. saves a typical Head Start agency thousands of hours each year, which allows the agencies to spend more time and resources on the children who need their support.  The bottom line is that our relationship with VMware has been a big win for us and our customers.”

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