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Chitale Dairy Consolidates Two Datacenters into One with VMware Infrastructure

Chitale Dairy Consolidates Two Datacenters into One with VMware Infrastructure

Reduces Disaster Recovery Time from Hours to Minutes, Cuts Power Use in Half, and Saves IT Staff Sourcing Time to Focus on 15% Annual Growth

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 18, 2008 – VMware, Inc., (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, today announced that Chitale Dairy, a leading food and beverage company in Maharashtra, India, has used VMware’s market-leading datacenter virtualization and management platform, VMware Infrastructure, to consolidate its two widely separated datacenters into one, while significantly improving application availability and reliability.

Chitale Dairy, which produces about 400,000 liters of milk per day as well as cream, butter and yogurt, faced operational challenges with 10 physical servers spread across two datacenters in a town 500 kilometers from the nearest city. In its remote location, the company found it expensive and challenging to source and retain qualified IT support staff while also grappling with server sprawl.

By consolidating its two physical operations into one virtual datacenter using VMware Infrastructure, Chitale Dairy reduced server hardware acquisition costs by 50 percent, software acquisition costs by 75 percent, and power consumption in half. VMware also reduced server deployment times from three weeks to three hours and the time to restore a corrupted server from six or seven hours to 10 minutes.

“VMware not only enables a more flexible and robust IT environment but helps us save costs on physical infrastructure as well as power and valuable space,” said Vishvas Chitale, director, Chitale Dairy. “Streamlining our IT has a direct impact on the agility of our business and VMware has provided that much needed competitive edge. With VMware, we are now able to focus on driving 15-percent annual growth.”

“We believe in enabling companies to become operationally efficient and nimble in today’s intensely competitive market place,” said Ganesh Mahabala, regional sales director, VMware India.  “VMware virtualization helps organisations save time and money, while lowering IT resource costs. Chitale Dairy is one of many VMware customers that have reaped the benefits of virtualization through datacenter consolidation.”

Companies like Chitale are rapidly adopting virtualization because of the clear business benefits it provides around lowering the total cost of their IT infrastructure while enabling entirely new levels of business agility.  The deployment lays the foundation for a long-term virtualization strategy designed to expertly serve users whose work depends on continuous on-demand access to mission-critical applications and information.

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