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Cloud Foundry – Supporting Partners Quotes

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VMware Delivers Cloud Foundry, The Industry’s First Open PaaS


We're pleased to be working with VMware on Cloud Foundry™. 10gen and Cloud Foundry share a vision of community-driven, open-source platforms for next-generation applications and developers are validating this vision as demonstrated by the adoption of our technologies.

-- Max Schireson, president, 10gen


Cloud Foundry™ is leading the way for open-source PaaS adoption; multi-cloud makes it heads above other technologies and sets the bar that everyone will have to match.

-- Lucas Carlson, founder and CEO, AppFog


Through the Box Innovation Network, Box and Cloud Foundry are accelerating enterprise innovation by helping developers build new and meaningful services for the millions of users on Box, said Chris Yeh, vice president of Platform at Box. We are committed to building a powerful, next generation enterprise ecosystem and rely on innovative partners like Cloud Foundry to achieve this goal.

-- Chris Yeh, vice president of Platform, Box


Cloud Foundry™ has the characteristics developers need when they build an application for the cloud - open, extensible and easy to deploy and scale. Ubuntu is the leading operating system for Linux developers and for the cloud, making the combination of Ubuntu and Cloud Foundry a great fit. We're happy to be partnering with VMware on Cloud Foundry as the operating system underlying and powering on-premise deployment of Cloud Foundry.

-- Steve George, vice president, Communications and Products, Canonical

Cloud9 IDE

We're excited to bring together our leading open-source developer environment with the Cloud Foundry™ open-source PaaS offering. Software developers can now access superior cloud tooling capabilities on the Cloud Foundry platform for faster and easier deployment of their applications. We plan to offer a 'private cloud' version of Cloud9 IDE for the Cloud Foundry ecosystem in the future that will enable partners and customers to easily add our developer environment to their clouds.

-- Ruben Daniels, CEO, Cloud9 IDE

ELC Technologies

While the benefits of a PaaS are apparent, it's important to have complete transparency in the run time environment of production systems. Cloud Foundry™ achieves this transparency by being an open source project that's supported by a smart and active community. ELC's contributions to the project are increasing, and we believe that's a win for both the community and our clients.

-- Jonathan Humfrew, vice president, Business Development, ELC Technologies


Since the beginning, Cloud Foundry™ has been a great complement to eXo Cloud IDE. Together, we provide a truly innovative end-to-end solution to build and deliver software in the cloud. We are confident this is only the beginning, and both solutions can grow on their successes to revolutionize the software delivery experience.

-- Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO, eXo


As companies are increasingly turning to PaaS as their preferred cloud strategy for enterprise application development, the ability to harness large amounts of data with BI is a critical component. With Jaspersoft's BI platform integrated into Cloud Foundry™, organizations can leverage our rich reporting and analytics to create data-driven applications. The ability to natively connect to both SQL and NoSQL data services and quickly deploy them to both private and public clouds using Cloud Foundry can provide significant bottom-line value. This approach enables greater agility, reduces infrastructure and startup costs, and delivers faster time-to-value through a better user experience.

-- Brian Gentile, President and CEO, Jaspersoft


Cloud Foundry™ has emerged as the leading platform offering for delivering node.js and heterogeneous applications, and we look forward to continuing to support its ongoing success.

-- Jason Hoffman, CTO, Joyent


Cloud Foundry™'s growth and adoption in a short 12 months can be viewed as an indicator of a healthy, vibrant ecosystem in public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms. MongoLab looks forward to seeing the community continue to flourish.

-- Ben Wen, vice president, Marketing and Sales, MongoLab

New Relic

Projects like Cloud Foundry™ are important to the developer and open-source communities because they provide open, flexible platforms that enable organizations to reap the benefits of cloud computing without being tied to proprietary systems. Having long been involved with the open source movement, New Relic is pleased to support Cloud Foundry.

-- Bill Lapcevic, vice president of Business Development, New Relic

I'm finding a growing number of developers who have been looking at Cloud Foundry™ as a way to streamline development cycles. They see a bright future in the PaaS space, and are eager to see a strong community with multiple offerings and open collaboration.

-- Ken Robertson, Founder,

We've seen hundreds of Cloud Foundry™ instances launched and managed with Scalr, and currently estimate about 320 CPU cores running in production. Our value proposition is to deliver pre-built, pre-automated packages of Cloud Foundry for our customers.

-- Sebastian Stadil, CEO,


At SendGrid, we work very closely with the developer community across all aspects of application development and deployment. Cloud Foundry™ represents the next generation of open, innovative PaaS solutions that can meet the needs of many of these developers, and we’re pleased to support Cloud Foundry as they execute on their vision.

-- Denise Hulce, vice president, Sales and Business Development, SendGrid


We've seen a big increase in demand for the Cloud Foundry™ platform within our customer base, driven in large part by the range of commercial distributions currently available. ServiceMesh has been meeting our customer's needs for enterprise-ready PaaS by delivering policy-driven application lifecycle orchestration, delivery and control across the full range of Cloud Foundry distributions. We're excited to see VMware making its production-proven management tools available as open source, and plan to integrate them with our Agility Platform to provide policy-driven management of Cloud Foundry environments and applications.

-- Frank Martinez, Co-founder and CTO of ServiceMesh


We are excited to demonstrate our native support for Cloud Foundry™ with the CloudTest platform. Together CloudTest and Cloud Foundry will enable enterprises to accelerate application time to market, without sacrificing quality or the choice of a public or private platform architecture.

-- Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA

Tier 3

Multi-language open PaaS platforms like Cloud Foundry™ are transforming enterprise developer operations, speeding application time-to-market and improving business agility. Leveraging Cloud Foundry enables cloud providers – like Tier 3 -- to enhance their enterprise market offerings while ensuring customers retain freedom of choice and interoperability.

-- Jared Wray, CTO, Tier 3

Uhuru Software Inc.

The versatility of Cloud Foundry™ has opened a new way of thinking for the cloud. This has enabled Uhuru Software, Inc. to offer customers more choices and flexibility as we bring the best of open source and Microsoft platforms together.

-- Jawad Khaki, President and CEO, Uhuru Software Inc.


X.commerce, eBay’s open, end-to-end commerce technology platform, is using Cloud Foundry™ to provide developers a clean and consistent way to build applications that leverage a breadth of runtime services without concern for the specific environments in which their applications will be deployed.

-- Jeromy Carriere, chief architect, X.commerce, an eBay Inc. company