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Global Organizations Accelerate their Cloud Journey with VMware

VMware Cloud delivers the hybrid cloud, unifies multi-cloud management and operations and forms the foundation for building modern apps

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), in conjunction with the 2019 VMware Cloud Briefing, today highlighted customers Bossa Studios, Rosendin Electric, Stagecoach, Trend Micro, and Zipwhip, and how they are addressing their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and modern apps strategies with VMware Cloud on AWS, CloudHealth by VMware, VMware Secure State, and Wavefront by VMware.

The industry has seen massive adoption of cloud to power applications during the last decade. Companies are defined by both speed and strategy as the rapid decisions made by businesses will be part of a lasting strategic blueprint deployed and leveraged by the business.

Customers are building an architectural approach for technology investments built around cloud, factoring in major new developments, including:

  • Hybrid Cloud – a proven model for unifying private cloud, public cloud and edge with consistent infrastructure and operations to gain the flexibility to work across a seamless pool of resources for all applications.
  • Multi-Cloud – a new reality that will enable organizations to freely operate across multiple public cloud providers, selecting services and innovation to power their business while managing cost, complexity and risk.
  • Modern Apps – The rise of Kubernetes as the emerging platform of choice for next-generation mission critical applications that will foster a new era of innovation and business change.

“Our customers are bringing together the worlds of hybrid and native public cloud into a single, comprehensive strategy,” said Kit Colbert, CTO of VMware Cloud, VMware. “Today, VMware has one of the most proven, most widely deployed portfolios and playing a leading role in driving the next generation of the cloud. We have the unique opportunity to accelerate customers’ cloud journeys by delivering the hybrid cloud, unifying the multi-cloud and building a foundation for modern apps.”

Rosendin Electric Lights Up Cloud Strategy with VMware Cloud on AWS

Rosendin Electric, Inc. is one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States employing more than 6,000 people. As the company has accelerated its growth, IT identified moving to the cloud as a strategic IT priority for supporting the business. Rosendin has a large and successful VMware on-premises environment, so the company said it adopted VMware Cloud on AWS to create a hybrid cloud environment that offers better scalability, performance and overall economics. The environment also plays a critical role in the company’s disaster recovery strategy.

“VMware has been a strategic IT partner for Rosendin for a long time,” said Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin. “For us, given our growth rate and the needs of our business, scalable performance is key. With an on-prem environment you’re limited to your existing hardware, which means you’re equally limited on scalability. It’s key for us to quickly spin-up VMs daily. This is a much easier process in VMware Cloud on AWS. We also looked at the ROI with respect to replacing a lot of our hardware infrastructure to modernize our data center and the decision to adopt VMware Cloud on AWS was an easy one.”

Stagecoach Improves Agility and Resiliency with VMware Cloud on AWS

Stagecoach is a leading public transport company in the UK that runs over 8,500 trains and buses, transporting over 2.5 million passengers a day and employs around 26,000 people, according to the company. VMware Cloud on AWS supports Stagecoach’s cloud-first strategy by providing a VMware environment in the cloud to supports business-critical applications. With VMware Cloud on AWS, Stagecoach said it has gained new levels of agility, scale, and resiliency through a multi-Availability Zone deployed platform. VMware Cloud on AWS mitigated the company’s risk of moving business-critical apps to the cloud because through a consistent infrastructure and operational model. Learn more about Stagecoach’s VMware Cloud story in this video.

Trend Micro Accelerates Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS

Trend Micro is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions that helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Trend Micro provides layered security for data centers, cloud environments, networks and endpoints while seamlessly sharing threat intelligence and providing a connected threat defense. Like many companies, Trend Micro has a significant footprint in both AWS and on-premises in a VMware-based private cloud. Trend Micro said its IT team is leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS to migrate VMware-based workloads to the public cloud with on-demand expansion capabilities and little impact to application uptime. Learn more about Trend Micro’s VMware Cloud story in this case study.

Bossa Studios Eliminates False Alerts with Multi-Cloud Monitoring from Wavefront by VMware

Bossa Studios Ltd. is an independent games developer and publisher. The company said its latest move from single player gaming to online multiplayer gaming brought them further into the cloud. The Bossa DevOps team includes both game developers and site reliability engineers who are responsible for ensuring complex back-end services enable games to function properly. This includes dealing with inventory systems, log ins, connections, and voice communications, and monitor the availability of their games. Bossa operates in a multi-cloud environment, partially running on premises, and partly in AWS, and developers are running CI/CD pipelines pushing non-production code hourly with daily production code pushes. Bossa noted that its previous commercial metrics monitoring solution plagued the team with excessive false positives and lacked visibility into pricing. The company adopted Wavefront by VMware to address these issues.

“Our engineers want to spend more time on fixing things instead of just trying to figure out what went wrong. That is why we adopted Wavefront,” said Nick Warr, Head of IT, Bossa Studios. “From the start, Wavefront made integration with our systems effortless. Wavefront could work alongside, or above/in between our current monitoring solutions, which allowed a much more relaxed deployment, as nothing remained unmonitored as we deployed Wavefront. Our developers like Wavefront Distributed Tracing which is allowing for quicker well-informed iterations when troubleshooting, for understanding where bottlenecks or problem areas lie. They appreciate that Wavefront offers many SDKs which enables us to tie in quickly to monitor our various moving parts. This helps our small team to be more efficient and focus on solving problems. With Wavefront, we can easily find code bottlenecks which allows for more rapid iteration, and more rapid improvements of our code.”

Zipwhip Manages Multi-Cloud Costs, Compliance and Risk with CloudHealth and VMware Secure State

Zipwhip is a fast-growing SaaS company and a leader in business text messaging that has embraced the public cloud to sustain a high velocity of expansion. The company said it was processing millions of messages per month and needed a way to quickly provision infrastructure that would more easily scale alongside the business. To unleash the cloud’s full potential for fueling innovation, the company said they could not let visibility challenges or security risks get in the way. The company is using VMware Secure State to identify public cloud misconfigurations, visualize at-risk infrastructure, correlate cross-cloud threat activity, and automate security and compliance reporting across teams. Zipwhip also uses CloudHealth by VMware to optimize a multi-cloud environment through visibility, automation, and tighter control over cloud spend. Together, these two products form a powerful pairing that enables the company to effectively scale its growing business, according to the company.

“We cannot let a lack of visibility or control derail our pace of innovation and expansion, particularly when it comes to managing proper security and managing cost across our multi-cloud environment,” said Kolby Allen, Platform Operations Architect at Zipwhip. “CloudHealth has enabled us to optimize for growth while decreasing spend. With VMware Secure State, we can minimize the risk of a security breach by reducing our attack surface and better protect our cloud applications and data. Secure State enables us to visualize risk with a graph view, so we can easily convey the impact of changes to key stakeholders. For example, we can show that something is not just affecting a server but also certain databases that are connected to it. This helps us correlate findings with user activity data and troubleshoot issues faster with meaningful context.”

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