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Customer and Industry Comments on VMware Horizon App Manager

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VMware Launches Horizon App Manager – Aaron Levie, CEO and Co-founder
"By moving to the cloud, organizations are becoming significantly more productive, agile and mobile - but they're also facing entirely new IT challenges around managing cloud applications at scale and across devices. We are excited about the launch of VMware Horizon App Manager because it offers the security and management capabilities that businesses require, while enhancing the end user experience and mobility that make this new wave of applications so powerful."

BroadVision Inc. – Ralph Lentz, General Manager
"As the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise social networking solutions, we are pleased to be one of the premier SaaS application partners of VMware Horizon App Manager.  We believe customers using BroadVision Clearvale will appreciate the ease of use and accessibility that Horizon App Manager brings to their cloud-based application infrastructure."

Google – Eric Sachs, Product Manager, Google Security & CIO organization
"The Horizon App Manager is a great example of how enterprise ID's are expanding to the cloud and enabling the modern workspace. We believe in VMware's vision and are excited that the Horizon App Manager will enable even more enterprises to access Google Apps in a simple, secure and enterprise-ready fashion."

IBRS – Dr. Kevin McIsaac, Analyst
"Adoption of cloud based application brings new challenges such as remembering many different passwords and controlling who, where and from which devices these applications can be accessed. VMware Horizon App Manager provides a simple but robust way to extend your existing identity management to deal with these emerging issues. Organizations that have adopted cloud applications on a large scale should evaluate the security and agility benefits that VMware Horizon App Manager can offer."

Macquarie University (Australia) – Marc Bailey, chief information officer
"Macquarie's mission is to advance our global standing as one of Australia's leading research universities," said Marc Bailey, chief information officer, Macquarie University. "Focus on human experience is one of the most important contributions technology can make, and we're banking on VMware as a prime time partner. Our early participation in VMware's Horizon App Manager global beta Program reflects our desire for a fresh, open approach to delivering targeted computing interactivity to our students and staff wherever, whenever and however they want it. At Macquarie, we're into consumer computing and we're confident VMware is in lockstep with that perspective."

NWEA – Kathleen Blake, Enterprise Project Manager
"As an international not-for-profit dedicated to helping all kids learn, it's critical our partnerships and programs run effectively to ensure our service offerings are easily accessible, and we keep the administration required for our internal staff as simple as possible. This is why participation in the beta program for VMware's Horizon App Manager is so important to our work happening now – and in laying a foundation for our future projects."

RSA – Nirav Mehta, Director of Corporate Strategy for RSA, The Security Division of EMC
"We share with VMware the vision of secure and seamless user access to applications regardless of how they are delivered.  By delivering access management for cloud applications as a cloud-based service, VMware has enabled a more simple and scalable model than alternative approaches.  The VMware Horizon App Manager is a key enabler for identity and access management features of RSA's upcoming Cloud Trust Authority, a set of services for securely leveraging the cloud.  The opportunity to continue working with VMware to secure the broader vision of Horizon with RSA technology is one that we value."

Websense – Ryan Windham, Senior Director of Alliances, Websense
"VMware Horizon App Manager is a game changer. That's why we are using App Manager in the Websense® TRITON™ security solution for web, email, and DLP security. For the first time, IT will get visibility and control over who has access to sensitive data and how they use it, even through SaaS applications. As of today, we are the only security vendor doing that while enabling clientless authentication. This strategy helps our customers adopt cost-saving cloud-based applications across the widest range of devices – while they secure their content from cyber criminals and unintentional data loss."

Cisco WebEx – Raj Gossain, vice president, Product Management, Collaboration and Communications Group, Cisco
"As a leading provider of SaaS collaboration applications, including the award-winning WebEx conferencing product line, Cisco is pleased to be a Horizon launch partner. With Horizon App Manager, our mutual enterprise customers will have simpler single-sign-on access to their business critical SaaS applications."