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VMware Announces Hyperic 4.4 to Enhance Application Monitoring Across Virtual Infrastructure

VMware Announces Hyperic 4.4 to Enhance Application Monitoring Across Virtual Infrastructure

Hyperic deepens integration with VMware vCenter™ to dramatically simplify monitoring of custom applications spanning physical and virtual environments

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- August 4, 2010 -- VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced SpringSource® Hyperic™ 4.4, an award-winning solution for managing and monitoring custom applications. Through enhanced integration with VMware vCenter™ Server, Hyperic™ 4.4 now maintains a continually updated inventory of VMware vSphere™ ESX and ESXi hosts, enabling IT Administrators to more rapidly pinpoint, correct, and prevent application performance problems wherever they occur across physical, virtual, and private cloud infrastructures.

As organizations deploy an increasing proportion of their custom applications across virtual and cloud infrastructures, the dynamic nature of virtualized application resources has placed new demands on application operators needing visibility into the performance of those applications. Hyperic 4.4’s VMware vCenter Server integration enables application operators to ensure application performance despite this increased pace of change.

SpringSource Hyperic, a key element of SpringSource’s software suite, supports applications running on both physical and virtual infrastructure, providing in-depth real-time performance data on more than 75 technologies used to develop modern web applications and enabling customers to ensure that applications meet their service level commitments through reduced application downtime and improved performance.

“For some time, Hyperic has provided us with excellent visibility into the performance of our custom applications,” said Eric Schwalbe, technical advisor infrastructure integration, InterContinental Hotels Group. “By enabling us to understand performance at any point between the application and its ESX host, Hyperic 4.4 will enable us to extend this visibility across our virtualized infrastructure.”

 "Without virtualization there is no cloud computing," said Rachel Chalmers, research director for infrastructure, The 451 Group. "The trouble with virtualization is that with it, datacenters become increasingly dynamic - not to say chaotic! That makes it extremely hard for the IT operations team to make sure applications are up and performing. What's needed are management tools that understand the whole software stack, from VM through OS to application payload - tools like Hyperic™."

“Hyperic™ 4.4 delivers a completely new level of integration with VMware vCenter Server designed to streamline the task of managing virtualized applications,” said Javier Soltero, CTO of Management Products for the SpringSource division of VMware. “Hyperic now provides system administrators complete, automatic visibility of virtual infrastructure resources as well as a completely new user interface built to enable analysis and correlation of every metric and event from VMware vSphere hosts up to the application.”

Hyperic 4.4’s VMware vCenter Server integration increases the effectiveness of IT operations teams in a range of critical application performance management activities that stem from the constant change inherent in virtualized datacenters, including:

Rapid Diagnosis of Virtualized Application Performance Problems: IT operations teams can now use Hyperic to rapidly pinpoint the cause of performance issues of applications running on virtualized infrastructure, by providing them with visibility into all application infrastructure layers, enabling them to determine whether the root cause of issues lies within an application, its guest operating system, or its ESX host. System administrators can easily compare performance data between an application and its corresponding virtual machine and ESX host via a new Hyperic user interface. This UI enables system administrators to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and increase mean time between failures (MTBF).

Automatic Maintenance of Application Infrastructure Inventory: Hyperic 4.4 automatically discovers ESX hosts, virtual machines, and guest operating systems within minutes of their launch, and presents them in a unified topology so users can see which application components are running on which ESX hosts. This eliminates reliance on chronically out-of-date configuration management databases (CMDBs). Additionally, Hyperic detects when virtual machines are moved from one ESX host to another using vMotion™, and adjusts topologies accordingly: no monitoring data is lost and there’s no need to recreate alerting workflows. This exceptional level of automation saves system administrators time and lets them manage more applications and servers than ever before.

Virtualization-Aware Alerting: Hyperic 4.4 can distinguish between when a guest operating system has shut down unintentionally, and when it has been intentionally powered down or suspended. This prevents false alarms and enables system administrators to elastically scale their application infrastructure without triggering alert storms.

Additional Virtualization Features of Hyperic:

Hyperic 4.4 continues Hyperic’s tradition of leadership in the management of applications running in virtualized environments. In 2006, Hyperic delivered the industry’s first application performance monitoring for VMware ESX and GSX, and has long provided system administrators with the following capabilities, which remain in version 4.4:

Application Virtualization Migration Assurance: For IT teams running pilot projects to virtualize custom application workloads, Hyperic enables users to definitively quantify virtualization’s impact on application performance by baselining critical performance metrics for both physical and virtual infrastructure.

Automated Problem Resolution: Hyperic can automate common responses to application problems -- such as reverting a virtual machine to a snapshot, restarting a virtual machine, and rebooting a guest operating system. These automated recovery actions help fulfill virtualization’s promise of greater operational efficiency, especially for companies with global customers who need to keep consumer-facing applications running 24/7.

Virtualized Environment Event & Log Monitoring: Hyperic’s event management features provide visibility into the log events reported for every virtual machine. Log events provide system awareness for performance data, configuration changes, and security action changes, such as when a virtual machine has been reverted to a snapshot. These events can be used to generate alerts, or simply to correlate errors reported in the VMware logs with performance and health indicators elsewhere in the environment.

Availability and Support

Hyperic 4.4 is available immediately and can be purchased August 4, 2010. Additional Hyperic 4.4 details are available at

Upcoming Hyperic Webinar

SpringSource will host a free webinar entitled “ The 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Monitoring a Virtualized Environment -- Learn How the New Hyperic 4.4 Helps You Manage the Constant Change Inherent in Virtualized Datacenters,” on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 9 am PDT. To register, visit

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