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VMware GSX Server Wins Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Readers’ Choice Award

VMware GSX Server Wins Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Readers' Choice Award

PALO ALTO, Calif., January 7, 2004 - VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, today announced that readers of Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine have voted VMware GSX Server the best product for simulating multiple environments for testing.

"Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine readers are hands-on, so when they say they like a product, it is based on real-world experience," said Doug Barney, reviews editor at Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine. "Those products that won the voting, such as VMware GSX Server, are known for solving problems, saving IT money and offering competitive advantage. Every winner is a worthy addition to any Microsoft professional's toolbox."

Barney noted that a "quick survey reveals that some form of VMware is loaded on nearly every Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine contributing editors' laptop, so it's no surprise that VMware GSX Server took the cake for best virtual machine software. This tool takes VMware Workstation for PCs and applies it to today's high-powered servers. With inexpensive machines boasting multiprocessors, huge disks and ungodly amounts of RAM, the time is ripe for getting rid of that sea of wimpy old servers and replacing them with a smaller number of true beasts. GSX Server can help in this consolidation by treating one massive machine as if it were up to 64 separate computing devices."

Adopted by thousands of IT organizations worldwide, VMware GSX Server has driven utilization rates of individual servers from less than 5% to over 80% and saved hundreds of millions of dollars in hardware and operations costs when used as a server consolidation platform. GSX Server partitions multi-processor servers into virtual machines, allowing multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Linux, to run simultaneously and independently on the same industry-standard server.

"We are honored that VMware GSX Server has been recognized by readers of Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine," said Michael Mullany, vice president of marketing at VMware. "This award underscores the value of GSX Server and validates the broad support that GSX Server enjoys from the thousands of customers using it as their standard for Windows server virtualization."

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