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Neverfail Group Adopts VMware’s Virtual-Machine Technology as Core Component for Disaster-Recovery Solution

Neverfail Group Adopts VMware's Virtual-Machine Technology as Core Component for Disaster-Recovery Solution

Virtual machines protect against vulnerabilities of physical servers while lowering costs

Neverfail Group uses VMware to bring services to wider range of businesses

LONDON and PALO ALTO, Calif., September 25, 2001 -- Neverfail Group, a leading international provider of continuous business processing solutions, and VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtualization software, today announced that they are partnering to provide a groundbreaking and cost-effective solution for disaster recovery. Harnessing the power and flexibility of VMware's virtualization software in its NeverFail(tm) solution, Neverfail Group will provide the world's first disaster-recovery solution to combine real-time servecontinuity with rapid recovery on virtual machines.

In the wake of the recent attacks in the U.S., numerous businesses and government entities around the globe are looking for ways to protect against business interruption. The Neverfail Group solution provides an innovative and cost-effective way fobusinesses to protect their information assets. The new solution is just one part of Neverfail Group's response to the events, which includes the donation of more than £1 million in services to businesses affected by the attacks.

"Neverfail Group has a long history of working with companies on business continuity," said Diane Greene, co-founder, president and CEO of VMware. "Neverfail Group saw very early the potential for combining their expertise and services with VMware products to greatly increase speed of deployment and cost effectiveness."

"Virtual machines" -- greater protection for more businesses at lower cost

One of the key innovations in virtual-machine technology is the ability to capture entire computing environments in software, instead of hardware. The "transportability" of virtual machines is helping to redefine the way businesses provision computing resources. A dramatic example of this is the market for disaster recovery. By storing mission-critical data in virtual machines, Neverfail Group and VMware have devised a way to protect businesses against the vulnerabilities of physical machines.

"VMware's virtual machine software is revolutionizing the way we do business," said Richard Pursey, CEO of Neverfail Group. "By allowing operating environments to reside in software, as opposed to physical servers, VMware enables us to recover many failed servers onto just one machine."

At the core of Neverfail Group's offering is VMware GSX Server. The product logically partitions physical servers into multiple secure and transportable virtual machines. Each virtual machine is configured with its own operating system, applications, and network identity. In addition, each virtual machine is completely isolated so that entirely separate computing environments can be hosted on one physical server.

Traditionally, a continuous business processing solution requires a one-to-one mirroring solution for each server. Because it allows multiple servers to co-exist on a singe hardware platform, safely and securely, GSX Server eliminates the need for one-to-one mirroring. As a result, Neverfail Group is able provide its service to wider range of customers who need business continuity protection.

"VMware's technology enables us to leverage hardware and reduce maintenance costs for our NeverFail automated continuous business processing solution, said Pursey. "Overall, we are seeing a 70 percent reduction in costs using VMware GSX Server."

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