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New Cyber Security Study Shows 64% of Companies Expect to be Target of Cyber Attack within the Next Year

One-third of respondents said they were hit by a cyber attack in last 12 months

London, UK, 26 June 2014—Bit9® + Carbon Black, the leader in endpoint threat prevention, detection and response, today announced the results of a cyber security study which showed that nearly two-thirds (64%) of UK IT decision-makers said they expect their organisation to be the target of a cyber attack within the next 12 months. And nearly one in three (32%) of those surveyed confirm their business was hit by a cyber attack during the past year.

Many organizations were uncertain about their ability to detect a cyber attack, as almost half of those surveyed (49%) said they did not even know if they had been compromised. Highlighting the problem of blind spots on enterprise endpoints, 61% of respondents rated their ability to detect suspicious behaviour in advance of an attack as no better than average.

POS Systems a Problem Area
In organizations that use point-of-sale (POS) systems to process credit card payments, 70% admitted they had no way of knowing if their systems had been targeted. And only 20% were able to say with confidence that their POS systems had not been targeted by cyber attack. Among POS users, only half (52%) were confident or very confident that their current security solution would be able to stop advanced threats or targeted attacks against their systems.

“Visibility is critical for effective security, yet these results show that far too many organizations don’t know what’s happening on their endpoints”, said Ben Johnson, chief evangelist for Bit9 + Carbon Black. “You can’t stop advanced threats and targeted attacks if you can’t see what’s happening. Prevention, detection and response are built on the ability to see all activity on every endpoint and server”.

The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne, covered 250 UK IT decision makers, working in organisations of at least 250 employees, across an array of industries.

Other findings include:

  • End-user machines, i.e., laptops and desktops, were cited as being most vulnerable to cyber attack (41%), demonstrating the need for organisations to ensure they can ccontinuously monitor and record activity across all endpoints.
  • 74% of respondents still had systems running on Windows XP, even though the OS has now reached end of life. And only 29% of that group had plans to put a new OS in place.
  • When asked about the impact of an attack on their organisation, respondents worried most about system downtime (77%), data compromise/loss (68%) and damage to their corporate brand (52%). 50% admitted that a cyber attack would impact them financially.
  • Looking at the source of possible cyber-attacks, 61% of respondents cited disgruntled employees as being one of the top three most likely attackers—exceeded only by Anonymous or other hacktivists (86%) and cyber criminals (77%). These figures reflect the need to actively enforce security policies for internal staff and systems in addition to securing systems—and the important data on them—against outsider attacks.

About Vanson Bourne
Vanson Bourne is an independent specialist in market research for the technology sector. Its reputation for robust and credible research-based analysis, is founded upon rigorous research principles and an ability to seek the opinions of senior decision makers across technical and business functions, in all business sectors and all major markets.

About Bit9 + Carbon Black
Bit9 + Carbon Black offers the most complete solution against the advanced threats that target your organization’s endpoints and servers. This makes it easier for you to see—and immediately stop—those threats.

Carbon Black’s lightweight endpoint sensor, which can be rapidly deployed with no configuration to enable detection and response in seconds, combined with Bit9’s industry-leading prevention technology, delivers four key benefits:

  • Continuous, real-time visibility into what’s happening on every computer
  • Real-time threat detection, without relying on signatures
  • Instant response by seeing the full “kill chain” of any attack
  • Prevention that is proactive and customizable

Thousands of organizations worldwide—from 25 Fortune 100 companies to small businesses—use Bit9 + Carbon Black to increase security, reduce operational costs and improve compliance. Leading managed security service providers (MSSP) and incident response (IR) companies have made Bit9 + Carbon Black a core component of their detection and response services. With Bit9 + Carbon Black, you can arm your endpoints against advanced threats. For more information, visit our website.


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