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VMware Eases Move to Virtual World with P2V Assistant

VMware Eases Move to Virtual World with P2V Assistant

More Than 100 Enterprises Have Used New Migration Tool

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 21, 2003 - VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtual machine software for industry-standard systems, today announced the general availability of the VMware P2V Assistant, a migration tool that captures an existing physical system and moves it into a VMware virtual machine. More than 100 customers, including Giant Eagle, Guardian Life, MassMutual, McKesson, Novartis, PACCAR, Praxair, Saks, The Coleman Company and Volvo, have used the P2V Assistant to virtualize their computing infrastructure.

"We faced the challenge of consolidating over 100 servers running legacy and/or ill-behaved applications that needed a dedicated server," said Suraj Dalal, senior systems engineer, Guardian Life. "Without VMware, migrating these applications would have taken months to years because we'd have to rewrite everything. With VMware, it took only hours, and our systems and configurations were preserved as-is. The P2V Assistant really makes life so much easier."

The P2V Assistant takes a snapshot of an existing physical system and transforms it into a VMware virtual machine, eliminating the need to reinstall and reconfigure complex application environments. The P2V Assistant is used primarily to speed up the server consolidation process, especially when migrating legacy systems onto newer hardware, as well as for debugging of production systems and cost-effective disaster recovery.

"P2V is a great necessary addition to environments trying to consolidate onto VMware ESX Server," said Shawn Kaiser, network engineer, The Coleman Company. "It provides an easy, fast, flexible, solid way to consolidate and convert physical machines to virtual images. It's worth its weight in gold - literally."

Virtual machines created by the P2V Assistant will run on VMware ESX Server, VMware GSX Server and VMware Workstation.

The P2V Assistant lets users:

  • Non-intrusively copy and transform physical systems into VMware virtual machines
  • Perform migrations across heterogeneous hardware
  • Proactively readjust disk sizes, types and partitions to maximize utilization of storage resources
  • Utilize built-in or third party imaging technologies to initiate the P2V process from a backup or clone of a physical system


P2V Assistant is available today. Please contact VMware sales by email or call 1-877-4VMWARE for further information.

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