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Red Canary Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Breach Detection Partner

Red Canary’s breach detection service leverages Carbon Black
to rapidly detect advanced attackers

STERLING, Va.—September 23, 2014—Red Canary today announced it has joined the “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program to leverage Carbon Black for Red Canary’s breach detection service. Bit9® + Carbon Black® is the leader in endpoint threat prevention and response.

As a “Connect” partner, Red Canary builds on Carbon Black’s endpoint protection platform (EPP) to detect security breaches from malware, cyber attacks, and malicious insiders. Red Canary leverages the endpoint visibility of Carbon Black to quickly see what happened on the endpoint and determine if a breach is legitimate or a false positive before alerting their customers. As the Red Canary team detects malicious files used to execute an attack, it uses Carbon Black to pinpoint each endpoint involved in a breach and reveal the entire “kill chain” of the attack.

“Carbon Black is the best endpoint sensor on the market,” said Brian Beyer, Red Canary’s interim CEO. “We’ve chosen Carbon Black as our endpoint sensor because of the powerful API we can leverage for detection and it equips our team of threat analysts with a tool that provides great visibility into the techniques malicious actors are using to attack our customers.”

Red Canary enables rapid breach response, containment & remediation by quickly alerting organizations to security breaches through a powerful combination of threat analysts augmented by world-class breach detection algorithms that analyze endpoint system activity. Red Canary eliminates alert fatigue by only delivering zero false positive alerts and provides world-class threat detection by fusing endpoint activity with the best threat intelligence and detection products on the market.

“Detection and response are critical components to the modern security posture,” said Tom Barsi, vice president of business development for Bit9 + Carbon Black. “Carbon Black empowers Red Canary’s expert team to detect and respond to threats as they happen. The team’s familiarity with Carbon Black will enable them to bring immediate value to their customers.”

About Red Canary
Red Canary Inc. enables organizations to minimize the risk and costs related to a data breach. Red Canary’s Breach Detection service rapidly detects attackers that get by your traditional endpoint defenses and compromise your data. Red Canary enables rapid breach response by removing all false positives and quickly alerting organizations to security breaches through a combination of threat analysts augmented by world-class machine learning algorithms. Red Canary provides peace of mind to organizations because they know that they’re best protected against advanced attackers. Red Canary is always on, always recording, and continually hunting for attackers on your endpoints. World Class endpoint security has never been so easy.