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RSA and Bit9 Team to Accelerate Cyber Forensics Investigations

RSA NetWitness Spectrum® Live Service Combined with Bit9 Cyber Forensics Service Slashes Time to Discovery and Improves the Quality of Investigations

08.08.12 – Waltham, Mass.Bit9, the global leader in Advanced Threat Protection, today announced an agreement with RSA, the Security Division of EMC, to integrate Bit9’s cloud-based software reputation service with RSA NetWitness Spectrum® Live service. Under terms of the agreement, the Bit9 Cyber Forensics Service™ has been integrated with NetWitness Spectrum Live subscription service, a service that is designed to assist in the identification, analysis and prioritization of malware-based threats to enterprise networks.

The Bit9 Cyber Forensics Service is a trust-based security technology that allows forensics investigators to quickly identify all known good software files on computer systems and helps to focus their efforts on a subset of malicious or suspicious executable files. Together, the Bit9 and RSA NetWitness Spectrum services are engineered to help improve the quality of cyber forensics, increase time-to-value by expediting investigations and reduce operational cost.

“Bit9’s Cyber Forensics Service helps fast-track a forensics investigation by narrowing the field an investigator needs to focus on when a company has experienced a breach,” said Allan Carey, senior manager of product marketing for RSA NetWitness. “The solutions can help our customers definitively eliminate known good software from their scope and redirect efforts on the unknown aspects of an incident or advanced threats confronting their organization.”

The Bit9 Cyber Forensics Service is powered by the Bit9 Global Software Registry (GSR), the world’s largest and most complete authority on software reputation, to help identify, validate and assign reputation to unknown software. The Bit9 GSR contains billions of records and adds hundreds of thousands of new files every week. Because the average computer contains 20,000 executable files and the average server has 40,000 or more executable files, it is difficult for IT professionals to sift through files and separate the good from the bad, especially when under a deadline during a sensitive investigation. The enhanced service makes it quick and easy to uncover the virtual “needle in the haystack”—the advanced persistent threat (APT). What once was a very large dataset is now dramatically reduced, which results in a much more cost-effective investigation.

“As more organizations realize the severity of cyber-attacks it becomes increasingly important that they equip themselves with the right kinds of threat detection technology,” said Doug Cahill, vice president of business development for Bit9. “By combining Bit9 Cyber Forensics Service with RSA NetWitness Spectrum Live service, NetWitness Spectrum Live subscribers are provided with enhanced situational awareness and the advanced security solution they need to help secure their enterprises amidst the ever-changing threat landscape.”

About Bit9

Bit9, the global leader in Advanced Threat Protection, protects the world’s intellectual property (IP) by providing innovative, trust-based security solutions to detect and prevent sophisticated malware and cyber threats. The world’s leading brands rely on Bit9’s award-winning Advanced Threat Protection Platform for endpoint protection and server security.

Bit9 stops advanced persistent threats (APTs) by combining real-time sensors, cloud-based software reputation services, continuous monitoring and trust-based application control and allowlisting—eliminating the risk from malicious, illegal and unauthorized software.

The company’s global customers come from a wide variety of industries, including e-commerce, financial services, government, healthcare, retail, technology and utilities. Bit9 was founded on a prestigious United States federal research grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology – Advanced Technology Program (NIST ATP) to conduct the research that is now at the core of the company’s solutions.

Bit9 is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass. For more information, visit our website, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, or call +1 617-393-7400.

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