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Tohoku Japan’s Leading Power Company Deploys More Than 1,400 Licenses of VMware Workstation

Tohoku Japan's Leading Power Company Deploys More Than 1,400 Licenses of VMware Workstation

Virtualization Software Saves Tohoku Electric Power Corporation From Time-Consuming and Costly Rewrite of Its Mission-Critical Custom Application

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 15, 2002 - VMware, Inc., the leading provider of virtual computing software for industry-standard computers, today announced that Tohoku Electric Power Corporation, one of the leading power suppliers in Japan, has deployed more than 1,400 licenses of VMware Workstation.

Tohoku Electric Power Corporation, who recently completed a company-wide migration from Windows 95 to Windows 2000, is using VMware Workstation to access its mission-critical custom application running on Windows 95.

"We couldn't afford to wait to rewrite our custom application because the application is critical to running our business," said Mr. Yuichiro Akazawa, supervisor of the information systems and communications department at Tohoku Electric Power Corporation. "We chose VMware Workstation because it allows our employees to access our custom application in Windows 95 while running Windows 2000 on the same computer. This product has really enhanced our productivity and efficiency."

VMware Workstation saved Tohoku from a costly and time-consuming rewrite of its custom application, by making it possible for Tohoku employees to run Windows 95 and Windows 2000 simultaneously on a single computer.

"VMware Workstation's network performance exceeded our expectations. That made VMware Workstation the clear choice for us," said Ms. Yoko Shirai, team leader of the equipment construction division at Tohoku Information Systems Corporation, and Mr. Takafumi Kanou, sub leader of equipment construction division at Tohoku Information Systems Corporation.

About Tohoku Electric Power Corporation

Tohoku Electric Power Corporation supplies electric power to approximately 7.5 million customers (households and companies) in the seven prefectures of Japan's Tohoku region. Tohoku Electric Power Corporation was established in 1951. In the fiscal year 2000, the Company's electric power sales amounted to approximately 74.5 billion kWh, about the same as for the entire country of Belgium.

About Tohoku Information Systems Corporation

Tohoku Information Systems Corporation (TOINX), a subsidiary of Tohoku Electric Power Corporation, is one of the largest system integrators in Tohoku region, Japan. TOINX also provides ISP, ASP data center services. TOINX integrates Windows, Linux, Oracle and others and also developed a communication platform system called the WING for Tohoku Electric Power Corporation. TOINX evaluated and deployed VMware Workstation for Tohoku Electric Power Corporation.

About VMware, Inc.

VMware, Inc. is the leading provider of virtual computing software for industry-standard computers. Through its patent-pending technology, VMware brings virtual computing to distributed systems -- from the desktop to the data center. Enterprise customers use VMware software for server consolidation, workload management and application development, testing and deployment. With more than one million registered users, VMware products include ESX Server, GSX Server and Workstation. VMware was founded in 1998 and is based in Palo Alto, Calif. For more information, visit or call 650-475-5000.

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